Heismandment No. 9

Sorry to all of you who think otherwise, but the odds are very good that there will never be another two-time winner of the Heisman Trophy.

Why is that? Why has there not been a repeat winner since Archie Griffin of Ohio State in 1974-75?

Well, as we know, it’s not easy to win the Heisman once.  So it really is just too hard for a player to have a Heisman-worthy season two years in a row.  Both of those seasons must be arguably better than each of the other candidates in the running.   There are a lot of other factors working against a would-be repeat winner, namely media fatigue and fickleness that tends to reward the fresh face and requires a higher burden of proof the second time around.

Besides all that, there is also that mysterious Heisman karma that seems to take hold of a race every year. In the end, everything has to fall perfectly in place for someone to win the Heisman just once. So in order to win it again, things have to fall perfectly in place twice.

Can it happen? Sure.

Is it likely? No.

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