The Perfect World vs. The Heisman World

No one said the Heismandments are fair or the way things should be done.

Having acknowledged that, who would be the top Heisman candidates at each position right now in a perfect world? A world where the current Heisman voters didn’t decide it, but one where an all-knowing, all-powerful college football deity did?

Since there is no such deity, I’ll have to be the substitute for now. So here are my picks for the best players at each position in the country.

Perfect World QB–Aaron Rodgers, Cal. He’ll be Jeff Tedford’s next first-round pick. He has led Cal from obscurity to the Top 10. Stong armed, efficient and decent mobility.

Perfect World RB–Darren Sproles, K-State. Okay, he is going through a rough time, but put him on a great team, wind him up and watch him fly!

Perfect World WR– Mark Clayton, Oklahoma. Not too big, but has quick feet and, more importantly, magic.

Perfect World TE–Heath Miller, Virginia. He may not be the Chosen One, but he’s a pass-catching machine.

Perfect World OL–Greg Eslinger, Minnesota. If you haven’t seen the Gophers play, you haven’t seen one of the most well-oiled offenses in years hit the Big 10. Eslinger keys a Gopher line that executes to near perfection.

Perfect World DL–Mike Patterson, USC. Usually in the shadow of Shaun Cody, all “Baby Sapp” Patterson has done is put up great numbers for three-straight years. He had four tackles for a loss against Va. Tech–amazing for an interior lineman.

Perfect World LB–Ahmad Brooks, Virginia. This guy was a super-high tout coming out of high school and he has not disappointed.

Perfect World DB–Antrel Rolle, Miami. He punked Larry Fitzgerald last year, no problem. And against FSU this year, he was in Chris Rix’s face for what seemed like the entire game.

Perfect World All-Purpose Player–Reggie Bush, USC. He can pretty much do everything. The most exciting player in America.

Perfect World Kicker–Mike Nugent, Ohio State. This guy seems like he has been the OSU offense for his entire career.

So, that’s my Perfect World list. Now back to the Heisman World.

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