Benson Sits By The Phone

He’s waiting for his Heisman invitation, says Cedric Benson.

“There’ve been eight and nine men in the box all year long,” said Benson, who is ninth all-time in rushing in NCAA Division I-A and can move into sixth place with 120 yards against Kansas Saturday. “We’ve been challenged, and we’ve produced. My line has done a great job, and I’ve had to display some skill out there.”

If only Ced had been as focused on holding onto the ball against OU…..he might have been able to display more of his skill.

By the way, if I hear one more person refer to “the box” when talking about trying to stop a runner, I will scream. Some former coach-turned-analyst started saying it years ago and now people use it every chance they get. Why did so-and-so have a bad game? It’s simple–the other team just put 11 guys in the box. Really!

The newest cliche is “halftime adjustments.” We’ll be hearing that for a few more years, I’m sure.

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