The Round Up

Here’s the latest chatter on the Heisman:

The Oregon Daily Emerald, no doubt used to seeing candidates splashed on Manhattan billboards, breaks down the Heisman

The Tucson Citizen talks here about Reggie Bush as Heisman candidate.

The Daily Californian writes about Aaron Rodgers and J.J. Arrington’s chances…and also mentions two fan websites that have popped up promoting their candidacies: and

Brian Davis of the Dallas Morning News makes the oft-repeated mistake of assuming that teammates have cost each other the Heisman in the past….Scott Wolf of the L.A. Daily News apparently has read this site and doesn’t make the same faulty analysis. No doubt, Wolf has read this post.

A Michigan website, no doubt still smarting from Leinart’s performance against the Wolverines last year, has the lefty QB at the top of its Heisman watch.

The AP (no, not Adrian Peterson), talks here about OU’s neutrality in the battle between Jason White and Peterson for the Heisman.

John Henderson of the Denver Post weighs in here on the bias against freshmen.

Jimmy Burch of the San Jose Mercury News thinks that Derrick Johnson deserves the Heisman.

Count N.Y. Daily News writer Chuck Culpepper in Reggie Bush’s corner. He has Bush atop his list.

Jill Arrington of ESPN–who is NOT a Heisman voter–says that if USC goes undefeated, Leianart should win the Heisman. That begs the question: Is this indicative that Leinart will win the majority of female Heisman voters (if there were any, I mean)?

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch here talks about how muddled the Heisman race is.

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