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One of the great things about college football is the emotion that comes with it. There are no better fans of any sport than fans of college football. In our opinion, that’s because it is the purest of all the major sports. People wouldn’t get so fired up if it wasn’t.

Perhaps the hardest thing about trying to comment about college football is the passion that gets stirred up by taking a stand on an issue. For every person who agrees with you on a subject, there are 100 who think you are out to get their favorite team or their favorite player.

No doubt, that is part of why so many have called our analysis naming Matt Leinart as the Heisman leader to be ‘favoritism.’

We hope those of you out there who think that understand that the purpose of this site was to analyze the Heisman race as it is, not how we think it should be.

That was the whole purpose of creating the 10 Heismandments, which are the rules that (we believe) govern the current Heisman race.

This has admittedly been a particularly difficult season to embark upon this experiment. We not only have a possible repeat winner, but we also have two underclassmen in the mix, not to mention a contender from a non-traditional power. Without a doubt, the foundations of our theories are being tested well and hard.

Through it all, our bias has been toward proving the validity of the Heismandments, not toward pumping a particular player. As you can see from our Preseason Top 13, Leinart is the only candidate on that list who still has a chance to win. So, yes, we do want him to win–for selfish reasons. It would mean that we were accurate in our analysis. Indeed, a win for Leinart means we were right on the money from the very beginning.

Had we started this blog last season, we would have anointed Jason White the winner well before the actual ceremony. In fact, we would have pointed out that Larry Fitzgerald had no chance of winning since he was a receiver who didn’t also return kicks and punts, and that Eli Manning had just a slim shot since he played for Ole Miss.

So go the rules of the Heisman. But that wouldn’t have stopped Pitt people and Ole Miss people from taking their shots.

Our other features on this site–the Top 10 teams, commentary on football issues–are ancillary to our central point, but still fun topics to hit upon. Despite the heat, we’ll keep calling ’em like we see ’em.

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