Oklahoma Platoons

The Sooners will platoon quarterbacks Rhett Bomar and Paul Thompson this year.

Paradigm blog, a Michigan site, thinks it’s a bad idea and makes some good points in supporting his position.

Being the ultimate contrarian, we actually think this is a good idea by Stoops.

First of all, we like Thompson’s potential as a player. He has great mobility and in the times we saw him play in 2003 (he redshirted last year) he looked very imporessive.

Bomar of course is the big recruit with the Gone With The Wind name. The fact that he hasn’t nailed down the job–and the Sooners coaches wanted him to win it, believe me–means that he isn’t quite ready.

So, while Paradigm blog says ROTATING QUARTERBACKS MEANS THAT YOU DON’T HAVE A QUARTERBACK WHO IS GOOD ENOUGH TO BEAT THE OTHER GUY OUT. THIS IS A BAD THING, we think that there is an even worse scenario–going only with one quarterback who can’t play. If the Sooner coaches had confidence in one of them, that guy would be the starter. Since that is clearly not the case, going with just one of the guys who sucks instead of trying to increase your chances of solid play by using two may not be a great idea.

At least with Thompson being mobile and Bomar the more highly-touted passer, the Sooners can add to their offensive packages by showing different looks to opposing defenses who might be worrying about Adrian Peterson most of the time.

And there are plenty of situations where two quarterbacks worked. Now mind you, it’s not like OU has a good shot at the national title this year, so they were going to lose a game or two anyway. But Ohio State was very successful with Germaine and Jackson in 1996, when they went 11-1 and won the Rose Bowl. Arizona went 12-1 platooning Keith Smith and Ortege Jenkins in 1998. USC won the Rose Bowl following a 1995 season that saw Brad Otton and Kyle Wachholtz split duties. And we can’t forget the relative successes at Florida and, my favorite example, Baylor in 1986 with Cody Carlson and a long-haired hippie whose name escapes me.

So it could turn still out to be a boon to OU. But the quarterback position also has the chance to be a bust at OU in 2005 whether they use one player, two players or 10.

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