Not One Of The Closest Votes Ever

Though Heisman voter Chip Brown of the Dallas Morning News predicted before yesterday that the race between Vince Young and Reggie Bush would result in ‘the closest (Heisman) vote ever, I’m convinced that the result will be just the opposite.

In fact, Bush will probably win in one of the biggest margins we’ve seen in a while.

The largest Heisman blowout ever was when Charlie Ward of Florida State won by 1,622 points over Heath Shuler of Tennessee in 1993. Another recent blowout was when Ricky Williams won by 1,563 points in 1998 over Michael Bishop of Kansas State. Note, though, that both those routs were against players from teams that aren’t traditional Heisman powers.

Since Young is from a traditional power with a Heisman history, it’s unlikely that Bush’s totals will be quite that amazing.

But, I predict that the gap between Bush and Young will be the second greatest ever between players from the nine schools that comprise the traditional Heisman powers (Michigan’s Desmond Howard did beat FSU’s Casey Weldon by 1,622 points, but the Seminoles did not have their current Heisman-power status at that time).

The previous biggest blowout of that kind was in 1974, when Archie Griffin of Ohio State won his first Heisman by 1,101 votes over USC’s Anthony Davis.

I expect Bush’s victory margin to surpass that total.

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