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The Heisman season is winding down. All the votes will be in on Wednesday and then tabulated. Time for a look around the net to see what’s happening:

–Matthew Zemek of never ceases to amaze me. He seems like a good enough guy and an earnest fan of college football, but seriously, someone needs to cut his stories in half. His latest effort, which made the case for Vince Young over Reggie Bush, came in at just under 3,000 words. A little less tribute to Paul Wellstone (who was not known for being this long winded), along with a little less diarrhea of the keyboard can go a long way. I’m reminded of what John Lennon once said about writing songs: “Say what you mean, make it rhyme and put a beat to it. That’s it.” Zemek seems to adhere closer to Meatloaf than Lennon.

–Gulp! I spoke too soon! Zemek goes 4,400 words here. He is nothing, if not prolific. If it were a little shorter, I might actually be able to read it all. But in defense of Zemek, I generally like things that are short enough to read while using the bathrooom. Though I’ll also admit that it’s hard to carry my desktop in there.

And I would do anything….for a short column by Zemek

–In keeping with CFN’s chronic contrarianism, Pete Fiutak also makes a case for Young, while admitting–naturally–that he voted for Bush. Well, I guess that way he can look good after the Rose Bowl regardless of who has the better game between the two. Actually, make that three, since he also admits that he had Leinart at the top of his ballot for most of the season. I can see it now, following a huge performance by _________ on January 4: “You see, that’s why I had him at the top of my ballot/thought he was better than the guy who won/orginally wanted to vote for him!”

–The latest results from stiff arm trophy are in and so far, it’s Bush in a landslide, 65 per cent to 21 per cent over Vince Young.

–Speaking of Young, he made his case for the Heisman today.

“I think my chances are real high if they watch the game, how I’m a leader for my teammates. I hope they will see that the numbers that I put up were basically in the first half,” Young said. “In the second half I’m basically on the bench. I hope they look at that.

“If I played a full game I would have some more stats. Coach (Mack) Brown, he don’t like to blow out people so he pulled basically all our starters on the bench.”

I’m pretty sure the same can be said for Bush. If not for sitting out several quarters this year, Bush would probably be looking at 2,000 yards rushing.

But you know what they say about ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ around this time of year.

–More Young: Len Pasquarelli of ESPN believes that Young is eyeing the NFL.

In fact, has learned that Young and his family, with one wary eye on the NCAA rules concerning his eligibility and the other on the first round of the ’06 NFL draft, have begun to consider potential agents.

In a weak year for quarterbacks, Young would be a guaranteed top 10 pick in the next draft. His stock may never be higher after leading the nation in pass efficiency and his team to the Rose Bowl. He’ll have to consider that when he makes his decision whether or not to return to Texas.

–File this under the “I Must Be Getting Old” heading. Eric Moneypenny of Fox declares the latest Dr. Pepper commercial jingle to be irresistible.

Since Moneypenny is only 25, though, he completely missed the origin of that jingle. That song is actually from a skit on The Muppet Show from the 1970s. Anyone else remember that?

The original choice to be the hosts of ESPN Gameday

–Okay, all this talk about the BCS finally getting it right is just silly. There are only two undefeated teams left. There didn’t need to be a BCS to match these two teams up, although the old bowl system wouldn’t have sufficed either. But quit giving the BCS credit like it actually did something worthwhile. Even Paul Wellstone could’ve figured that one out.

–The BCS is a joke in other ways, though. An 8-4 Florida State squad going to a major bowl over a team like Oregon is a problem that needs to be fixed. Why doesn’t the BCS just makes a hard and fast rule: If you finish in the top eight in the final BCS rankings, you are in. Have No. 1 play No. 2, but then leave the other six teams to jockey for bowls. That’s the only way to do it. Instead, we get a dog of a team like FSU getting an undeserved reward because they came up big in a game they backed in to. Pathetic. One other note: Since the real purpose of the BCS is to match up the top two teams and everything else is up to the bowls to create the desired matchup, why even rank any of the other teams? Just rank the top two and leave it at that. SI’s Austin Murphy agrees with much of what I say..

Bowden and FSU just aren’t the same anymore

–Interesting piece here by CNN’s John Walters on the biases that affect us all. Gotta love any reference to the great P.J. O’Rourke.

–Here’s a nice, Onionesque yarn by the fellows at EDSBS.


I actually think it will only be around 20-25 or so, but that’s still a funny headline.

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