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Lannie Julias is one of the great talent evaluators of our time as well as a savant when it comes to sports history. He has been around the football coaching and scouting ranks for the better part of 40 years.

Pete Carroll once referred to Lannie as ‘a legend’. At 64 years of age, Lannie knows–or is known by–everyone from Bruce Snyder to Kirk Krikorian to the current King of Spain.

If you live in Los Angeles and are into sports, there’s a decent chance that you have come across Lannie at some point, especially if you frequent local sporting events, coffee shops or news stands.

I am excited to report that is now up and running (you can also click on the link to the right of the page). There’s not much content there just yet, but keep checking back if you are in the mood for some interesting offseason reading.

I met Lannie about seven years ago and he has helped change the way I look at sports. Give him a shot and you just might learn a thing or two as well.

At the very least, I’ll bet you walk away from your computer screen with a smile on your face.

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2 Responses to LannieJulias.Com Now Online

  1. Pete Kendall April 17, 2010 at 10:35 pm #

    Lannie, this is your old friend Pete Kendall from New Mexico. Would love to get in contact with you after many years. I’m still in Texas, in the Dallas Fort Worth area, out of sports writing, but I follow Texas high school football closely. I fondly remember many great times we had at UNM.

  2. Damon Bame September 3, 2012 at 3:09 am #

    I agree, when it comes to sports personnel, Lannie lives it, and has experience at high school, university and the Professional Level.

    Hey, Lannie, good to hear you finally joined the Internet Revolution; it is a natural for you.

    Lannie, I’m just getting started in trying to get some traction for a new professional football league; but not a league to compete with the NFL, but a league with rules that stops blocking and tackling techniques that risk head injury, while opening up the offenses even more than the spread option..

    I supported A. Davis when he said that if he knew what was going to happen to his brain, he would not have played football. (that might be why Hayden and JK Mckay did not respond). While I supported Davis, I do not agree with him, but it’s his body and he has a point to make. It’s not just the ‘big hits’, because so many of them occur when the person being hit is ‘off their feet’, in the air, and it looks spectacular (and is dangerous, for sure), but all those little ‘dings’, practice after practice, game after game, that’s the killer (of the brain)..

    I sent a letter to P. Hayden, JK Mckay, head of NCAA and a couple of others and did not recieve any response. They are all riding on the past, and are going to soak it as long as possible, and that means that this great game of football may end (from the bottom leagues up), unless the upper leagues tackle the problem (no pun intended). When enough science comes in, parents will not let their kids play football. They will say, here, play it on the screen, save me the money and save your brain. But, with true change, the game can be perserved and even made better –more entertaining.

    Hi Pete, nice to hear from you.
    Lannie, you can email me at bamedamom (at) yahoo dot com

    Hawaii/USC score: USC QB&Rec’s 30 v Hawaii Cornerback’s 0