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CFR has a creative post that fleshes out the college football blog family tree.

In the sport of kings—thoroughbred horseracing—the majority of, if not all modern horses can trace their origin to just three ancestors. They are the Darley Arabian, the Godolphin Arabian and the Byerly Turk. Thanks to superior qualities within those horses (speed, temperament, competitiveness), they emerged as the dominant bloodstock for all that followed.

For all intents and purposes, all college football blogs can also trace their origin to three ancestors. They are Heisman Pundit, MGoBlog and EDSBS. One could say they are the Holy Trinity, the Blogfathers if you will. Thanks to their own superior qualities, these blogs have also emerged as the bloodstock for all future college football blogs.

I had never thought of it like that, but it’s pretty cool, nonetheless, to be included in that group.

You can definitely see how blogs have branched into a few distinct styles, but I think that team blog formats like MGO’s will continue to dominate things numbers-wise. There’s no shortage of devoted fans out there who want to write about their team.

I think the other two blog types are a bit harder to start up and maintain, if only because of the breadth of subjects that must be covered. On the other hand, there is also more freedom to be creative and more opportunity to grab hold of a wider audience.

All this talk of blog history made me curious to go back and see when certain blogs came into existence. I tried to stick to blogs that deal primarily with college football and have produced a steady stream of posts. Here’s what I came up with (any corrections are welcome, so pipe in if you can help!):

The Blog Creation Timeline

Tigerpundit (March 2, 2002. Only blogged in March and August of 2002 before picking up again in June 2003)

Fan Blogs (April, 2003)

Pitt Sports Blather (Aug. 2003)

Georgia Sports Blog (Dec., 2003. Discontinued until Aug. 2004)

Heismanpundit (Sept. 2004)

College Football Resource (Oct. 2004)

ATL/Burnt Orange Nation (Nov. 2004)

State Fans Nation (Nov. 2004)

MGOBlog (Dec. 1, 2004)

Blue-Gray Sky (Dec. 4, 2004)

Atl Eagle (Dec. 8, 2004)

We Are The Boys (Jan. 2005)

Everyday Should Be Saturday (Feb. 2005)

Canes Addiction (Feb. 2005)

Gunslingers (Feb. 2005)

I Blog For Cookies (March 2005)

Braves and Birds (March 2005)

Voluminous (May 2005)

The Realist (June 2005)

Bruinsnation (June 2005)

Sunday Morning Quarterback (July 2005)

Kyle on Football/Dawgsports (July 2005)

Paradigm Blog (Aug. 2005)

View From Rocky Top (Aug. 2005)

The Wizard of Odds (Aug. 2005)

House That Rock Built (Sept. 2005)

Michigan Zone (Oct. 2005)


There’s obviously a host of blogs that aren’t listed, but it wasn’t my intention to leave anyone out. Please let me know which ones I missed!

One thing I found noteworthy is that Tigerpundit is the oldest blog of them all. I had no idea until I checked the archives. I don’t think TP has ever gotten proper credit for that.

I’m glad to have it and another ancient blog–Pitt Sports Blather–among my links.

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