The Round Up

Conference media days and fall camp are fast approaching, which means that there will soon be plenty to write about. Until then, here’s some notes on the little that is going on….

  • CFN has its writers give their lists of the top 10 college quarterbacks of all time, with mostly Tommy Frazier or Matt Leinart coming out on top.
  • Tom Dienhart of The Sporting News shares a nugget from a Pac-10 coach regarding USC quarterback John David Booty:

    “Word I hear is that he’s not the brightest guy. From what I hear, it’s just a matter of time before (Mark) Sanchez is in there unless the people around Booty can carry him.”

    I’ve talked to Booty before and, while he may not be a Rhodes Scholar (how many football players are?), he is definitely sharp enough to be a successful quarterback. I’ve also seen extensive tape of him playing in high school and he is one of the most accurate passers you’ll ever see. I suspect it may be him, not his teammates, who does most of the carrying.

  • Speaking of USC quarterbacks, Dennis Dodd gives us the scoop on a former Trojan signal caller who is now at Transfer U. (UNLV, that is). Besides Rocky Hinds, the Rebels also have transfers Eric Wright (USC), Tony Cade (Oklahoma) and Mil’von James (UCLA).

    “And we’re going to get some more transfers,” said UNLV coach Mike Sanford knowingly.

    Beats having to recruit them, I guess.

  • TCU was the overwhelming pick by the media to repeat as Mountain West Conference champion in 2006. I’m thinking Utah might make some noise there, though, and look out for BYU, too.
  • West Virginia has been picked by the media to win the Big East title, receiving 18 of a possible 24 votes. Syracuse was picked last, behind Cincinnati and Connecticut. Nowhere to go but up for the Orangemen.
  • Looking for something to do on the eve of the BCS Title game this January 8? Why, have a gander at the GMAC Bowl, which has moved to the night of Jan. 7.

    This just doesn’t smell right. There should be a hierarchy to the bowls. All the minor ones should be played before the New Year. It used to be an accomplishment to say your team played in a game after New Year’s Day. Now, it may just mean that you won six games. Whoop-de-doo.

  • I’d like to congratulate Amir Pinnix of Minnesota. With star running back Gary Russell out for the 2006 season, he is, through attrition, all but guaranteed a 1,500-yard season. Way to go!
  • The player who is my pick to be the best freshman back in Div. I this year–C.J. Spiller is at Clemson and working out. Highly-touted quarterback Willy Korn will arrive at Clemson in the spring, so this is a team to keep an eye on in the future, perhaps as early as 2007. (HT: Tigerpundit).
  • A while ago, while lamenting Michigan’s loss to Nebraska in the Alamo Bowl (a game that cost me money), I noted the following:

    Michigan is the only team in the country that quits when it is ahead, as the Wolverines held an 11-point fourth-quarter lead against the Huskers and promptly decided to stop playing. Oh, that’s wrong. Some of the team decided to get involved in that hilarious almost-like-Cal-vs.-Stanford lateral fest on the game’s final play.

    But, Michigan doesn’t do plays like that. The Wolverines don’t do miracles. Miracles happen to other teams who play them, like Colorado and Kordell Stewart, or the countless kooky Notre Dame wins over Michigan. The Wolverines are always victims, the masters of losing because of bad officiating. They are the nameless, faceless, unfeeling team in the football movie that gets beat by the underdog, much to the audience’s delight.

    Well, it turns out that there is some empirical evidence to back up my rant. Who knew? (HT: Michiganzone)

  • Ladies and Gentleman, we have a frog in our midst.

    Lastly, if you are looking for a passionate defense of the French, French history and above all their head-butting, World Cup-costing soccer star (we’ll leave French military history out of this, ahem), you wouldn’t expect to find it on the college football blogosphere, would you?

    After all, the World Cup is over. You might see some lame excuses in the pages of Le Monde or Paris Match, but not where something as American as college football is being discussed. I seriously doubt that Jaques Chirac, who has oddly embraced his country’s national goat as a national hero (oh right, they glorify losing over there, my bad), bothered to talk up the Auburn cheating scandal in between his reflexive denunciations of Israel’s right to defend itself from Hezbollah.

    But zut alors, our very own Robespierre has taken a break from the guillotine to do his best to make the term cheese-eating surrender-monkey synonymous with UCLA football. One can almost smell the limberger and wine wafting from the computer screen.

    However, I think UCLA is doing just fine without his help. Sacre bleu!

    1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 F! R! A! N! C! E! F-R-A-N-C-E Fight, Fight Fight!

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