The Deal Of The Century

That’s the HP Fantasy Challenge.

For only $7.50, you get to play in a very unique fantasy league for the chance to win TWO Rose Bowl tickets.

Not only is it fun, but it can end up being very lucrative as well.

(Note: To all you teams out there, don’t forget to send me your player by 6 p.m. PT Friday for the Saturday games and by today at 6 p.m. PT if you have a player playing on Thursday)

Last I checked, Rose Bowl tickets were not very easy to get. Even if your team does not get to the game, you can always sell them to someone for a pretty penny.

As of now, the following teams have registered for the game:

The 3-D Dannys
UGA 1998
The Great Cornholio
Cardinal and Gold
CMC Trojan
Mojo the Bowling Ball
I Fathered You

A couple other people have paid but have not yet registered a team name.

Point being, folks, is that this is a pretty small league, which means your chances of winning if you join are excellent, unlike the behemoth leagues run by ESPN and CBS Sportsline.

The first week of games is coming (and the dealine to join is Sept. 8), so don’t miss out!

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