Early Enrollment Extollment

ESPN has a bunch of items out on the early enrollment craze in college football.

Mark Schlabach looks at Georgia’s success with early quarterback enrollees.

Nowadays, if a high school quarterback has his sights set on playing early in his college career, chances are he’ll enroll within a few weeks of playing his last prep game. More and more, quarterbacks are sacrificing their senior prom and spring sports for a jump-start on college football.

According to USA Today, a record 69 players enrolled at schools from BCS conferences in January, up from 53 last year and 35 in 2004.

Schlabach also writes up Florida frosh QB Cameron Newton, a player HP likes as a future Heisman candidate. He, too, came to Gainesville early.

Ivan Maisel writes on USC and how an early arrival is no guarantee of instant success.

I actually do not like the idea of early enrollment. I think that for the most part, it does not really help players. Sure, they are in for spring ball and are able to get acclimated and learn some plays, but I think there is something to be said for finishing high school with your peers. College football is already so much of a business and players barely get any time to themselves as it is, what with winter and spring workouts and voluntary involuntary summer workouts. Coaches love early enrollment because they get a head start at throwing their players into the meat grinder that is college football. But what’s the rush? I think kids should be kids while they still can.

Besides, they already have something for freshman who aren’t ready to play and need the time to get used to college life.

It’s called redshirting.

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