The Heisman Re-Set

What is it?

Well, it’s a scenario in which all the candidates from all the teams hit a road bump and the race is ‘reset’ to a new state.

Right now, Chase Daniel is your Heisman leader.  He plays for an undefeated team ranked in the top 5.  What if Missouri loses?  Is Daniel automatically eliminated from Heisman contention?

Not necessarily.  As long as all the other candidates–Sam Bradford, Javon Ringer, Max Hall, etc.–hit roadblocks as well, he could crawl his way back.

This scenario occurred several times last season.  Teams just kept losing, players just kept having disastrous outings, and in the end, a true sophomore on a team with 3 losses (at the time of the vote) was able to win.  Mind you, last year was a year where the national champ had 2 losses, so having a Heisman winner on a 3-loss team wasn’t as drastic by comparison.

So, if Texas beats Missouri, but Oklahoma beats Texas and the Sooners lost to Texas Tech, then Daniel, Colt McCoy and Bradford would all be in the same boat.  If a team that has just lost–like Florida or USC–bounces back to make a run at the national title, then their candidates would be resurgent as well.

It’s pretty rare when this scenario occurs.  More often than not, the Heisman winner has control of the race for most of the season and experiences few bumps along the way.  But it could happen.  So far, this year’s front runner, last year’s winner, this year’s dark horse and a few other noteworthy candidates have taken major hits to their candidacies.

If chaos happens again, as it did last year, we could have another re-set.

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