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I’ve an idea.

There’s always some (justified) complaining about how many AP or Heisman voters aren’t really clued in to college football and therefore tend to make uninformed decisions based on mysterious or superficial criteria.

So why not have a voter certification test for media members every year, like the one the NCAA administers to coaches before they can hit the recruiting trail?  That way, members of the media would have some incentive to stay on top of things…or else lose their vote.

After the jump are some sample questions that could go on the test.  I say if you score 7 or better, you get to vote in the polls or for the Heisman.  Anything less and it’s back to the women’s softball beat. 

How will you do?

1.  South Florida is a _____ team.



C) Division II

D) None of the Above

(I know at least one AP and Heisman voter who would miss this)

2.  Name one player who will suit up for San Jose State in 2009.

3.  The spread is  _______

A) a betting term

B) a type of offense

C) a condiment

D) what you do when the cops arrest you.

4. Schools are allotted ______ scholarships.

A) 53

B) 75

C) 85

D) 100

5.  Brian Kelly coaches for ________

A) Oregon

B) Cincinnati

C) Northwestern

D) Michigan State

6. ______ won the Butkus Award in 2008.

A) Rey Maualuga

B) Andy Katzenmoyer

C) Aaron Curry

D) Dick Butkus

7.  _____ is the nation’s leading returning rusher from 2008.

A) Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State

B) Jahvid Best, California

C) Noel Devine, West Virginia

D) Chris Wells, Ohio State

8. The only player to win two Heisman Trophies was _______

A) Herschel Walker

B) Glenn Davis

C) Archie Griffin

D) Ron Powlus

9.  Which of the following schools has won a Heisman?

A) California

B) Alabama


D) West Virginia

10. What year saw the last ties in Division I college football, before the advent of overtime?

A) 1999

B) 2003

C) 1995

D) 1992

Grading Key

10 out of 10=You read your Phil Steele Magazine at breakfast and are supremely qualified to be an AP or Heisman voter.

9 out of 10=You cover the sport closely, but you aren’t a nut about it.

8 out of 10=You follow the sport, but need to do a little more homework.

7 out of 10=You probably should consider actually opening that preseason magazine at some point.

6 out of 10=You should stick to a sport you care about.  Like soccer.

5 out of 10 or worse=Stay away from covering college football!


Answer key:  1)A   2)answer varies  3) B   4) C    5) B   6)  C  7) B    8) C   9)  C   10)  C

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