Fighting for Bowden

I find it funny how hard Florida State is fighting on behalf of Bobby Bowden to keep 14 of his wins from being vacated.  The idea is that, with 382 career wins, he needs to keep pace with Joe Paterno (who has 383 wins).

But Bowden already counts 31 wins from his time as head coach of non-Divison One Samford. 

If we take into account just Division One games, then, Bowden has 351 wins (not counting the 14 potentially vacated) and is nowhere near Paterno’s mark and has no chance of catching him.  So those 14 wins FSU is trying to keep are irrelevant.

And if we ARE counting non-Division One wins, then John Gagliardi of St. John’s (Minn.) has 461 of them and the 14 wins vacated by FSU are still irrelevant (at least when it comes to the all-time wins list). 

An honest accounting shows that Bowden isn’t within reach of the all-time wins record…unless he decides to coach until he’s 110.

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One Response to Fighting for Bowden

  1. Anonymous July 3, 2009 at 9:41 am #

    Just for fun, Mike Bianchi had a column in the Orlando Sentinel about Bowden’s opinion on forfeiting games because of ineligible players:
    “The situations between FSU now and Tulane then aren’t exactly the same, but it’s still pretty hilarious. Bowden’s message back then seems in direct contrast to his stance now.

    Back then, he lobbied to get a win because he felt it was unfair he lost to a team with an ineligible player. Right now, he is lobbying to keep his wins because he thinks it’s unfair they were been taken away even though he used ineligible players.

    It should also be noted that Tulane actually had to forfeit the game back in 1983 and FSU ended up getting a bid to the Peach Bowl as a result. In other words, Bobby is getting credit for a game he didn’t actually win.”