Big September Heisman Games of 2009

Contary to what many people believe, Heismans can be won or lost very early in the season.  The first few games can definitely go a long way toward eliminating the pretender candidates.  Here’s my list of the September games that could impact the race the most in 2009:

September 5

Georgia at Oklahoma State–The OSU trio of Zac Robinson, Kendall Hunter and Dez Bryant gets a chance at first blood.  If any of the three are to mount a Heisman run, it has to start with a big game here when everyone is watching.

BYU vs. Oklahoma–An interesting matchup.  Max Hall has the type of opportunity Ty Detmer had in 1990 to make a name for himself against a marquee opponent.  Meanwhile, Sam Bradford can show he’s still as effective as ever even with a new offensive line.

Maryland at California–Jahvid Best has a chance to get off to a fast start in the Heisman race with a productive game against a decent team like the Terrapins.  However, if he is bottled up, he’ll have a lot of ground to make up later on.

September 6

Ole Miss at Memphis–Normally not a noteworthy matchup, but this one is on Sunday and will get more attention that usual.  Jevan Snead has a chance to show he is a serious Heisman contender.

September 12

Notre Dame at Michigan–If any team can easily facilitate a darkhorse Heisman campaign, it is Notre Dame.  If Jimmy Clausen is to have a breakout season and enter the Heisman conversation, then it all starts here on the big stage.

USC at Ohio State–Any number of USC offensive weapons could make a splash in this game, but the most likely outcome is that Terrelle Pryor will indicate whether he can be taken seriously as a Heisman candidate or not.

September 19

Tennessee at Florida–This one will get a bunch of attention.  I have a feeling that the Vols won’t mind losing too much as long as they can stop Tim Tebow cold and keep it respectable.  If Tebow has a big game here, though, he’ll be the early front runner.

West Virginia at Auburn–Noel Devine has the flash and name recognition to mount a serious Heisman campaign, but he’ll need to run wild against the Tigers to draw early attention.

September 26

Illinois at Ohio State–This game could serve notice that Juice Williams is a legitimate Heisman candidate.  It could also further cement–or erode–Terrelle Pryor’s  candidacy.

California at Oregon–This game could be LaGarrette Blount’s coming out party.  Or, it could be a track meet featuring the speedy Mr. Best.

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4 Responses to Big September Heisman Games of 2009

  1. Anonymous July 8, 2009 at 6:36 pm #

    BYU vs. Oklahoma–An interesting matchup in Provo??? The game is in Dallas.

  2. Heismanpundit July 8, 2009 at 8:12 pm #

    Good catch. Now fixed. Thanks.

  3. Tyler Griffin July 16, 2009 at 2:03 pm #

    What about the rematch between Texas Tech and Texas in Austin on September 19th?

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