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“With Bradford out with an injury, the early Heisman hunt  has become a two-man race between Tebow and McCoy. McCoy may be the sentimental favorite because he hasn’t won a Trophy and a lot of people may be pulling for him, but I think Tebow and the Gators have a better chance of marching through the regular season unbeaten.”

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One Response to From a Heisman Voter

  1. Bryan September 9, 2009 at 5:53 am #

    I would agree it looks like a two way race but I would disagree that the Gators have an easier road. If OU is going to struggle now with Bradford out (and I think that is debatable), Texas’ road just got a lot easier. Add in there that in Florida’s entire history, they’ve never had a perfect season as they always manage to drop one game somewhere (I don’t see that changing in the SEC again this year).

    I also thought McCoy had the better weekend.