Miami is Back…Maybe

That was a very impressive win by Miami last night over Georgia Tech.  The game was not as close as the score indicated.

It looks like Jacory Harris is for real.  More importantly, it seems like the Hurricanes are utilizing his talents properly.  This has been an issue for the ‘Canes of late, especially on offense.  But I think they’ve finally turned the corner.

I haven’t seen a Miami team as well-coached as this one in quite a while.  Furthermore, while the Canes aren’t exactly overflowing with talented depth (yet), they play with a lot of enthusiasm and speed.  It’s going to be fun to see these young players develop.

Harris is clearly a star in the making [aside: Heisman talk for him is premature now.  He could get some votes, but look out in 2010].   He’s accurate and has a good arm, is cool and efficient and really grasps what he is doing out there.  I do think he needs to work on not floating so many of his passes downfield, but I’m sure that will come in time.  Keeping him healthy is going to be key if Miami is going to win the ACC.  I also like Graig Cooper and Javarris James at tailback.  Cooper is a future NFL guy, while James is a veteran runner who makes tough yards.  Let’s not forget the very squat but effective Patrick Hill at fullback.  He was clearing the running lanes all night, it seemed.   

On defense, I saw waves of young players flying all over the field.  It was hard to miss talents like Vaughn Telemaque and Olivier Vernon as they made big play after big play.

I think the real loser last night was Florida State, which is clearly relegated to third in the state of Florida’s pecking order now.  A resurgent Miami is sure to reconfigure the state’s recruiting map, ensuring that more talent will come to Coral Gables in the near future.

We’ll know for certain if Miami is, once again, Miami, in the next two weeks.  The ‘Canes travel to Virginia Tech and then host Oklahoma.  Get by those two teams–which I think is a decent possibility–and Miami has a chance to go undefeated. 

How’s that for putting a twist in the national title race?

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