HP Fantasy Challenge, Week 3 Results

Week 3 results are in the books. 

The HP Fantasy Challenge Leader Board, Week 3


Pryor Domination–92

Herschel for Heisman–85

Ratt Mozee–81


Brother Uriti–75

Gator Glory–68

Crazy Trojan–67

Taco Shop–66

Bugsy Molly–65

My Dog Barkley–65

The Warlords–63


Carbon Crush–62

Adam Nettina’s Awesome Team–61

Kibbles and Vicks–60

Whams, Bams, Thank You Jams–60


Jake the Snake–59

Robdondo Beach–56

Willo Benno–55


Night Hawk–52

CPA-CFB Guru–52

Swamp Nugget–51

Hoboken Mountaineer–51

Drew Howard 2–51


The Termigators–50



Into The Wild–45

Fantasy College Blitz–42

Drew Howard–41

Gator Vet–41

Gator Greats–39

Trojan Tea–39

Double Gator–36

Damn Good Dawgs–36


John St.–34

Broshon Moreno–34


Colt’s Boys–29

Fighting Pugs–25

Texas Fight!–25

Bruin Coffee–25

Buckeye Fever–25

Rodriguez’s Tears–25

Fighting Gamecocks–21


Misses Tebow–13

Zax Maniacs–13

Sexy Gators–13

Player Scores

Jahvid Best–100

Jacquizz Rodgers–75

Tim Tebow–66

Noel Devine–64

Dez Bryant–63

Terrelle Pryor–62

Colt McCoy–61

Daryll Clark–57

C.J. Spiller–42

Jevan Snead–33

Kendall Hunter–15

Sam Bradford–7

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