Picking This Week’s Games

Ugh, another abysmal week last week picking against the spread.  I went just 3-7 and am now 16-23-1 on the year versus the line.

On a positive note, I feel really good about this week’s lines and think I can make up some ground.  These are the games I think are the best picks of the week.  Bettors: Listen to me at your own risk!

Stanford (-5) vs. UCLA–I really like the squad Jim Harbaugh has put together for Stanford.  I think UCLA’s defense is going to be on the field for a long time and will eventually break under the physical pounding of Toby Gerhart.

Stanford 28, UCLA 14
Auburn (+2) at Tennessee–I couldn’t believe this line when I saw it.  Maybe I’ve got something wrong with me, but I think the Tigers win this one easily.  Even if Auburn’s offense struggles, it’s not like Tennessee is going to go crazy on offense, so at worst this one is close, but I like the Tigers to win solidly.

Auburn 31, Tennessee 17
Houston (-15) at UTEP–This was another line that struck me as being off.  If Texas scored 64 on UTEP, Houston won’t be far behind.  The improved Cougars defense shouldn’t have much problem either.

Houston 49, UTP 24
Alabama (-16) at Kentucky–The Tide slowly strangled Arkansas last week and will do the same here against Kentucky.  The Tide is getting better and better on offense each week and should have no problems scoring.

Alabama 31, Kentucky 3
Miami (+7.5) vs. Oklahoma–I just don’t see this much-improved Miami team having the same issues it had last week on a wet field at Virginia Tech.  Harris gets back on track and Miami gets the outright home win.

Miami 28, Oklahoma 23
Michigan (+2) at Michigan State–Once again, The Force will be with Michigan.  The Wolverines will shore up their defense a bit and Forcier has another big game to lead Michigan to an outright win.

Michigan 34, Michigan State 22

North Carolina (-12.5) vs. Virginia–T.J. Yates bounces back after a tough outing last week and leads the Tar Heels to a nice win over the Cavs. 

North Carolina 30, Virginia 16

Virginia Tech (-17) at Duke–No let down for the Hokies as they pound the Dukies into submission with their relentless ground game.

Virginia Tech 38, Duke 10

Washington (+12.5) at Notre Dame–I like the Irish to win, but the arm and feet of Jake Locker will make this one a bit uncomfortable at times for Clausen and Co.

Notre Dame 35, Washington 27

Penn State (-7) at Illinois–I thought Illinois was the one place where Zook could find some consistent success, but I was wrong.  He has clearly lost control of this talented but wayward team.  Penn State gets better in a hurry.

Penn State 42, Illinois 21

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2 Responses to Picking This Week’s Games

  1. AUman76 October 1, 2009 at 7:31 pm #

    the color school against the colored bears. Oh shut up with the PC crap…I mean color as in the Golden Bears! The Cardinal looks to be building things the right way which is from the ground game up. They should be able to move the ball against a decent UCLA D. Turnovers will be a huge factor in the point spread. Stanford 24 Bears 16
    AU and UT? My Tigers go up on ole rocky top and Smoke the Vols. Berry can’t cover all our recievers and stop the run too. UT is decent on D but Gus will have the Tigers soaring like Eagles in the smokey mountains! Tigers 44 Vols 17 Hey Urban Meyer…this is how you run up the score on 10-a-C.
    Houston mauls the Minors by the score of 63 to 10.
    bammer and Kentucky won’t be close but closer than folks think. da Tide over the Cats 34 -20.
    Miami will be exposed yet again. Why the love for such a mediocre team? Canes fizzles out and Sooners roll over em 48 to 21.
    Michigan is back? Nope! Sparty finanly wins a big game even if it is just for state braggin rights among big name Michigan schools. MSU 33 UM 30
    UNC and Old Virginny. Uh Oh den thar heels gonna be PO’ed after last week. TarHeels 48-16.
    VT and Duke ain’t a game it’s a practice. Hokies dehorn Devils 31-6.
    Washington and Notre Dame, will the luck of the Irish lwead to yet another W over a better team that self destructs? Nope The Huskies bite the Leprecons in the ass by the score of 38 to 35.
    PSU and Illinois seemed like a possible great game two years ago but the Illini have gone down hill fast. Not a bad team just not lucky nor under estimated by their opponents. The Nittny Lions will roar but Illinois will stay close. Joe Pa 27 Zooker 23.
    Ok here’s a bonus game UGA over LSU 42-20. You heard it hear first folks.
    Also MSU takes down GT 23 to 21.

  2. Pete October 1, 2009 at 7:35 pm #

    HP – you never lay double-digits on a road team… you’ll lose two of those three. Seems like you’d know this by now…