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Good read here on Auburn OC Gus Malzahn from’s Chris Low.  As HP readers know by now, I’m a big fan of Malzahn’s style and approach to offensive football and this piece has some nice tidbits, notably that Auburn is gaining 526 yards per game running a ‘patchwork’ version of Malzahn’s offense.

“We’re still having to change personnel too much, and that’s slowing us down,” said Malzahn, whose “patchwork” version of his offense is averaging 45.2 points per game, second only to Florida in the SEC, and cranking out 526.2 yards per game, which is tied with the Gators atop the SEC.

Once the Tigers get a chance to further recruit to this offense, you’ll see the real thing.

“It will be different,” Malzahn said. “We’ll be able to do more things, run it the way we want to run it. We’re not there yet.”

I’m very interested to see how the offense does against Tennessee’s Monte Kiffin-led defense on Saturday.

Unabashedly, Kiffin said this has been a more difficult week of preparation for the Vols’ defense than Tebow and the Gators two weeks ago.

That’s because Malzahn, according to Kiffin, is willing to do things that nobody else has the guts to do.

“When you look at it, it’s wild and crazy thoughts, kind of like when you were little and playing in the park and you drew them up in the dirt,” Kiffin said admiringly.

“There’s no fear factor of being conservative or not trying things.”

But, then, that’s what makes Malzahn so good…

…It sounds so simple, but Kiffin said nothing about Malzahn’s offense is remotely simple.

“It’s really hard because guys are going every direction, and what you did all camp doesn’t really help you as you fit runs and normal runs, things you’ve seen for years that most people run,” Kiffin said. “There’s none of that. You’ve got to all of a sudden this week start practicing things our players have seen … maybe never.”

Shouldn’t this be the goal of every offense?  Update:  Here’s more on Malzahn from Stew Mandel.

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One Response to More on the Malzahn

  1. AUman76 October 1, 2009 at 7:00 pm #

    Gus’s version is what we wanted at AU last season. Run first pass if you needed or wanted to! The much meliengned Todd looks like a different kid most of the time. His arm strength isn’t great but it’ll do. Word is RB Dyer is headed to the Plains as is a former bammer DE recruit, believe Sanders is his name. The #3 RB and a 4* DE are another couple of pieces to an already nice class. Why mention all this other stuff? Cause it’s Malzahn’s offense that has attracted so much attention for AU and even defensive guys wanna play for a team that puts up huge offensive #’s. Many said Chiz was a bad hire but we are wrong so far. Yep I had to eat a lil crow on that one myself. If Roof can get a few more players to step up on D and teach everyone to tackle we’ll be fine this year. There’s nobody on the schedule we don’t have the potential to beat due to Gus’s side of the ball. I said we had talent and I ws right but we really are thin depth wise. Barring serious and numerous injuries my Tiger will be rated and HIGH! Article like these don’t hurt our cause so thanks HP. OMG did I thank you again? Damn…I’ve turned into a damned ole softy. lol