Thoughts at the Halfway Point

This might be the most lackluster first half of a college football season since I can remember. 

The best team right now–Alabama–sort of encompasses that feeling for me.  The Tide are methodical, mistake-free, suffocating on defense, grind-it-out on offense and focused all-around, but…somewhat boring.

Injuries and the lack of a little je ne sais quoi have caused a few potentially great teams to be just pretty good for now.  Conferences that were flying high this time last year (ahem, I’m talking about you, Big 12) are now struggling.  Some of the quarterbacks who wowed us in 2008 don’t seem quite the same in 2009.  And where are the dominant running backs? 

Not suprisingly, no one player has taken hold of the Heisman race.  In the upcoming Heisman Poll (to be released tomorrow), a season-high 13 players appear on ballots, with the 13 first-place Heisman votes split among five different players.  Voters don’t know which way to go.

I’m hoping that the next couple weeks will bring some clarity, not only to the Heisman race, but to the season itself. 

Coming tomorrow:  The latest HP Heisman Poll, my mid-year All-American teams and a look ahead to the second half.

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