Can Mark Ingram Win the Heisman?

My first instinct on this is to say ‘no way’.

However, upon further review, there does appear to be an opening available to the Alabama running back.

Voters are clearly underwhelmed by McCoy and Tebow and they aren’t completely sold on Clausen, either.

So now you have Ingram coming off a 246-yard game and the buzz on him is just starting to build.  On the season he has 905 rushing yards and it is likely that he has six games left before the Heisman vote.

If he averages 150 yards per game the rest of the way, that’d give him 1,805 rushing yards on the season.  In a year when no one else is impressing anyone statistically, those numbers could really stick out, especially in the context of playing for the No. 1 team. 

It won’t be easy.  Stout defenses from Tennessee, LSU and, most likely, Florida stand in the way.  Ingram really has to dominate from here on out to create a streamroller effect for his candidacy.  And if McCoy gets hot, or if Tebow hits his stride, then it will be hard for him to break through. 

These next two weeks are key for Ingram.  If he produces respectable yardage against Tennessee and LSU, then he can close the year against the (relatively) easy defenses of Mississippi State, Chattanooga and Auburn.  He has a chance to really boost his rushing totals against these teams.

Again, the window of opportunity is there, but things have to fall perfectly in place for the Tide to have a shot at wining their first Heisman Trophy.

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3 Responses to Can Mark Ingram Win the Heisman?

  1. philnotfil October 19, 2009 at 7:33 am #

    Just for fun, some interesting numbers on Ingram and Tebow against their two common opponents:
    Against Kentucky:
    Ingram had 22 carries for 140 yards, 6.4 ypc.
    Tebow had 16 carries for 123 yards, 7.7 ypc. (and left the game in the third quarter)

    Against Arkansas:
    Ingram had 17 carries for 50 yards, 2.9 ypc.
    Tebow had 27 carries for 69 yards, 2.6 ypc.

    At the end of the season they will both also have played against Tennessee, LSU, South Carolina, and FIU. I doubt those numbers will hold up, but it is something fun to talk about until Ingram starts playing against those teams.

  2. Paul October 19, 2009 at 9:34 am #

    Ingram was great on Saturday, but I think the remaining defenses Alabama plays will look to shut him down and make Alabama win w/ McElroy (which looks suspect). Let’s see what he does against Tenn., LSU, Auburn, and Florida. If he can break 200 yards against a couple of these teams then I think he’ll be in the top 3 for sure.

  3. Alex October 21, 2009 at 2:26 pm #

    those stats you mentioned are good but the things you dont see from those stats are how many screen passes Ingram gets and how much damage he does catching the ball.