Calling All Sports Information Directors

Now is the time to earn that university pay check.

What we have before us this year is a rather unimpressive Heisman field.  The race is about as wide open as it can get, which means that if your guy catches fire, he has a shot at winning the most prestigious award in sports.   This would result in a publicity bonanza for your football program, not to mention a nice career feather in your cap.

With this in mind, it’s time we started to see some arguments made on behalf of certain players.  What is everyone waiting for?  As an ultra-informed Heisman voter, I know all the angles and how to approach them.  But what about the rest of the voters out there?  How are they going to sift through all the available information and come up with an informed decision? 

I think the impressionable voters out there want to know the following:

Notre Dame:  Tell me why we should overlook the fact that Jimmy Clausen has yet to lead his team to a victory over a ranked team.  What if he’s just a guy who feasts on average competition?  If I vote for him, is he going to get his butt kicked in a bowl game just like Brady Quinn did?  Make me believe otherwise.

Florida:  Tell me why Tim Tebow shouldn’t be penalized for throwing more interceptions than touchdowns in SEC play this year?  Why is his production plummeting so much?  Why should I give him a Heisman–again!–when he isn’t living up to the lofty standards that won him the trophy in the first place? 

Alabama:  What’s so great about Mark Ingram?  He’s averaging 129 yards per game, which is nice, but it’s not out of this world, is it?  Why is he special?  Heck, I kind of think he might not even be the most talented back on his team.  Show me the light.

Texas:  Why should I vote for a guy who has thrown so many bad interceptions this season?  And whatever happened to that great mobility we saw last year from McCoy?  Wasn’t he supposed to be another Roger Staubach?  If he couldn’t win the Heisman last year while playing so well, why should he get it this year when he is not?

Nebraska:  Are you kidding?  A defensive tackle?  How do you even pronounce that name?  

Houston:  Why is Case Keenum so different from Andre Ware?  Isn’t he just a system guy who will be replaced by someone else in two years with little or no dropoff?

To SIDs:  If you want to make an unimpeded case for your guy here on, shoot me an email at and we’ll feature your thoughts or your multi-media presentations.

Let the debate begin!

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2 Responses to Calling All Sports Information Directors

  1. sandymex November 1, 2009 at 10:28 am #

    Congratulations to Tebow for…

    1. Leading the Gators to an 18th consecutive victory and yet another SEC East title.
    2. Breaking Herschel Walker’s rushing TD record.
    3. Breaking Danny Wuerfel’s passing TD record.
    4. Breaking Matt Jones’ rushing yard record.


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