Why Not Keenum?

Graham Watson of ESPN.com makes a good case here.

But no quarterback in the country has put up better numbers or been more clutch than Houston’s signal caller. So while everyone’s trying to dig up names of Heisman Trophy candidates, the best choice has been leading the nation statistically all year long.

I’ll write it again:  The schools need to start coming up with supporting arguments on behalf of their Heisman candidates.  It could make all the difference in a tight race.

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2 Responses to Why Not Keenum?

  1. mbtrojan November 4, 2009 at 9:01 am #

    HP—what’s your take on Michigan right now. Big win against ND and now the team is falling apart. Blown out by Illinois. Next year looks to a very important year for RR…tons of guys back. Thoughts?

  2. DannyAdelante November 4, 2009 at 12:47 pm #

    Here’s a quote from Rivals/Yahoo:
    “Consider this: Few would balk if Texas quarterback Colt McCoy or Florida’s Tim Tebow were rated among the top Heisman contenders – but Keenum has outplayed both against common opponents.

    Keenum threw for 1,337 yards and nine touchdowns in games against Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and UTEP. McCoy passed for 662 yards and five TDs against the same trio. And Keenum passed for 434 yards and four touchdowns, with two interceptions, against Mississippi State. Tebow passed for 127 yards and no touchdowns and had two interceptions returned for touchdowns by the Bulldogs. ”

    In Keenum’s one loss, his stat line was:
    Case Keenum (0) 51 76 536 5 0 7.1

    Hardly his fault that the defense couldn’t stop Donald Buckram.

    Keenum may be the most outstanding player in America – I don’t know.
    What I do know, is that he is more outstanding – based solely on 2009 – than either McCoy or Tebow.

    This is about the fourth time I’ve “bashed” McCoy or Tebow on here. It’s because I think that, whether you like it or not, HeismanPundit.com has a big influence on the Heisman race. I would be shocked if a large number of the voters didn’t check this site before filling out their ballot. That’s why I think you should be more objective with your lists. You can help stop an undeserving player winning the Heisman!