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…coming later tonight.  Hang tight and thanks for your patience.  HP.

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One Response to HP Fantasy Challenge Update…

  1. Chris November 9, 2009 at 4:55 pm #

    I don’t remember the last time Stanford scored 51 points… someone out there with better memory may remember.

    Fifty-One on the team that just last week annihilated USC.

    What did Oregon’s coach Chip Kelly have to say about the loss?:

    “We got beat by a better team.”

    So what’s my point?

    This Stanford team is playing great football right now… and they have been impressive most of the season. There’s much football left to play, but even at this point it appears that Harbaugh has turned this program around.

    With the kind of QB and RB play going on, I don’t think that you can write these guys off anymore. I find Harbaugh distasteful but he may be accurate about his QB Luck.

    I think that Oregon had a somewhat of a letdown after 60 minutes of pedal-to-the-medal football against USC… and it is possible that Stanford may have a similar letdown next weekend. But should they defeat USC in the Coliseum on Saturday, who knows, these guys could end up in Pasadena.
    (against Ohio State?).

    USC better get it together, and fast, if they don’t want two consecutive home losses to Stanford. Maybe trade in the “win forever” motto for a “win on Saturday” mentality.

    Reno, NV