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Do you think CJ Spiller has any shot at simply making it to New York?  The kid is doing everything he can!  How does he lose ground after running, catching, and throwing for a TD on Saturday??  I know, I know… Toby Gerhart stole the weekend.  I honestly understand that. He is definitely becoming more high profile.  I just feel like Spiller is being punished for not being plastered all over ESPN.

I’m ok with Ingram winning it, but I just want CJ to get to NYC and get the attention he deserves.  Clemson plays in the 3:30 ESPN/ABC time slot this coming weekend, and if Clemson wins it clinches the division… That should garner some media attention right?

What are you thoughts?

Thanks, Clay Kimsey

Clay, I think Spiller definitely has a chance to make it to New York, but he needs to be simply amazing from here on out–and he’s been just that the last few weeks.   He’s the flashiest of the three running backs in the race, so you know he’s going to make the highlight reels.  It’s just that the perception of him and his team hasn’t yet caught up to what’s happening on the field.  If Clemson can win out in strong fashion and some other candidate sputters, I can see him filling the void that would be created as a result.  And a big performance against Georgia Tech in the ACC Title game when everyone is watching would be key.

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