Who Will Win the Midwest?

The Midwest was the only Heisman region Colt McCoy won in 2008 and it was his second-strongest bastion of support outside the Southwest.

McCoy picked up 292 points in the MidWest, finishing ahead of Sam Bradford (281 points) and Tim Tebow (259 points).

His success in the region was most likely due to the extra exposure McCoy received thanks to the Texas-Ohio State matchup in 2006, as well as the Big 12’s reach into portions of the MidWest.

McCoy should once again do well there in 2009, but there are a few factors that could prevent him from winning the region. 

Namely, his main competition for the Heisman–Mark Ingram–hails from Flint, Mich.

Because of this, I expect Ingram to do much better than usual in the Midwest for an SEC candidate and maybe even win the region.  How well he does will depend largely on the depth of lingering support for McCoy and how players like Golden Tate and Jimmy Clausen fare with voters down the ballot.

With Ingram expected to do well in the South and Mid-Atlantic and McCoy figuring to do well in the Southwest and Far West, the outcome of the MidWest and NorthEast votes could well determine the Heisman winner.

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