HP Fantasy Challenge, Week 13 Results

We’ve now completed 13 weeks of the HP Fantasy Challenge and we have a new leader:  Herschel For Heisman.  H4H took over the lead this week thanks to 55 points from Colt McCoy.  With one week to go and most of the healthy players used up, it looks like he’s going to take home the grand prize of two tickets to the BCS title game–unless Crazy Trojan can get 62 points out of Colt McCoy or Carbon Crush can get 69 from Jacquizz Rodgers.  While the grand prize may be close to being decided, these two can still help decide who is going to take home the other prizes: 2nd Place=A program from the 2009 Heisman ceremony, signed by a Heisman winner…. 3rd Place=A signed copy of Bruce Feldman’s best-selling book Meat Market. 

Here is the top 12 with the rest of the leaderboard after the jump:

The HP Fantasy Challenge Leader Board, Week 13
(players left to play in parantheses, top 12 only)

Herschel for Heisman–321
(Sam Bradford)

Gator Glory–299
(Dez Bryant)

Fantasy College Blitz–290
(Sam Bradford)

(Sam Bradford)

Brother Uriti–275
(Sam Bradford)

Drew Howard 2–273
(Sam Bradford)

Adam Nettina’s Awesome Team–262
(Sam Bradford)
Crazy Trojan–259
(Colt McCoy)

Gator Greats–258
(Sam Bradford)

(Sam Bradford)

(Dez Bryant)

Carbon Crush–252
(Jacquizz Rodgers)

Whams, Bams, Thank You Jams–251

Robdondo Beach–248


Pryor Domination–245

Broshon Moreno–239

Rodriguez’s Tears–237

Bugsy Molly–236

My Dog Barkley–235

Taco Shop–233

The Termigators–225

Kibbles and Vicks–223


Misses Tebow–220

Zax Maniacs–219

Jake the Snake–218



Fighting Pugs–210


Willo Benno–202

Hoboken Mountaineers–201

Damn Good Dawgs–198

Gator Vet–197

Buckeye Fever–196


Ratt Mozee–188

The Warlords–182

Bruin Coffee–181

Into The Wild–176

Drew Howard–171

John St.–167


Trojan Tea–149

Swamp Nugget–132

Colt’s Boys–130

CPA-CFB Guru–128

Night Hawk–111

Double Gator–85


Sexy Gators–41

Texas Fight!–25

Fighting Gamecocks–21

Cumulative Player Scores

Tim Tebow–291

Jacquizz Rodgers–289

Colt McCoy–275

Daryll Clark–246

C.J. Spiller–226

Terrelle Pryor–221

Noel Devine–207

Jahvid Best–202

Jevan Snead–168

Dez Bryant–63

Kendall Hunter–31

Sam Bradford–29

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One Response to HP Fantasy Challenge, Week 13 Results

  1. Carbon Crush December 3, 2009 at 10:33 pm #

    Ducks vs Beavers: GREAT GAME!
    That’s what CFB should be all about. Congrats to Oregon. Hindsight being 20/20, I just wished I swapped LaMichael James from week 8 to week 14 & Jacquizz Rodgers vice versa. Big game LMJ!!

    Congrats to H4H – Enjoy the Fla/Bama winner vs TCU Nat’l Championship game.