Heisman Round Up

With votes due exactly one week from today, here’s what people are saying about this year’s Heisman race and the players involved:

—The Flint (Mich.) Journal attributes Mark Ingram’s easy handling of all the Heisman hype to his solid upbringing.

—ESPN.com’s Ted Miller calls Toby Gerhart’s performance against Notre Dame “the most impressive Heisman Trophy statement of the season.”

—Joey Johnston calls Tim Tebow the “King of Gator Nation” and breaks down his career.

C.J. Spiller looked like a Heisman candidate for exactly one play against South Carolina, according to the Orangebug (SC) Times Democrat.

—Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh is not even thinking about the Heisman.

Some people still aren’t happy that Tebow isn’t getting so much love.

—Jakes’s take is that Gerhart can still win the Heisman.

—Is winning the Heisman overrated

—Texas OC Greg Davis called Colt McCoy the ‘best he’s ever coached’. High praise from someone who tutored Vince Young, among others.

Len Robbins thinks voters might give Tebow the Heisman over McCoy as a career achievement award.  I don’t see that happening, since McCoy’s career hasn’t been too shabby either.

—The AJC pays tribute to Spiller’s breakthrough season.

Andy Staples thinks that Tebow doesn’t deserve this year’s Heisman.

—Bruce Feldman writes that Tebow has bridged the gap between cult hero and folk hero.

—Heisman voters at CBSSportsline like Toby Gerhart.  So does SI.com’s Gene Menez.

—Rivals.com has all your latest Heisman highlights here.

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