Texas and the Heisman

Here is the list of Texas players who have finished in the top 10 of the Heisman voting:

2008–Colt McCoy (2nd)

Note: If McCoy wins the Heisman in 2009, he’ll become the first Heisman runner-up to win the award the following year since Herschel Walker did it in 1981-82.  Before Walker, the only players to do so were O.J. Simpson (1967-68), Glenn Davis (1945-46) and Tom Harmon (1939-40)

2005–Vince Young (2nd)

1998–Ricky Williams (1st)

1997–Ricky Williams (5th)

1981–Kenneth Sims (8th)

1977–Earl Campbell (1st)

1973–Roosevelt Leaks (3rd)

1970–Steve Worster (4th)

1968–Chris Gilbert (8th)

1965–Tommy Nobis (7th)

1963–Scott Appleton (5th)

1961–Jimmy Saxton (3rd)

1947–Bobby Layne (6th)

1946–Bobby Layne (8th)

1941–Jack Crain (10th)

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One Response to Texas and the Heisman

  1. Aaron December 1, 2009 at 9:41 am #

    You left Cedric Benson off your list, who finished 6th in the voting in 2004. Frankly, Cedric not being a finalist that year was one of the all-time great oversights by heisman voters. Just look at his stats in 2004 compared to likely 2nd place finisher Toby Gerhart this year.

    Benson: 326 att 1834 yds 19TDs 22 rec 179 rec yds 1 recTDs 5.63 ypc, 153 ypg, team record 11-1

    Gerhart: 311 att 1736 yds 26TDs 10 rec 149 rec yds 0 recTDs 5.58 ypc, 145 ypg, team record 8-4

    Give Cedric his due, add him to your list, and admit that he deserved to be a heisman finalist in 2004.