Heisman Eve with Ndamukong Suh

We also had a chance to sit down with Ndamukong Suh today as well.  We’ll have more tomorrow morning on Toby Gerhart:

suh presser 3

On his performance against Texas

“I did alright for maybe 3/4 of the time.  But that last play, if I had held back for a second and a half, we would’ve won.  I’m all about winning.  That’s all that matters.

“I had no clue about the clock.  I was trying to get after him and maybe cause a fumble or do something crazy.

On being named a Heisman finalist

“I was very surprised.  I thought a lot of the votes were in already.  It was sort of a rude awakening, but I guess a lot of voters waited until the very end to choose. 

On lineman being Heisman finalists

“It a rare thing and I’m proud to be in this position to represent linemen going against these other guys.  We don’t get a lot of publicity, but we do our fair share and a little bit more. If I were to win, that’d be a great honor to represent those guys, to be that person to do it.

On his relationship with Colt McCoy

“Colt initiated and came and sat next to me last night at the ESPN awards.  We talked a little football and got to know each other on a personal level.  I just kind of talked to him about making sure we get that national championship back to the Big 12.

On perhaps costing McCoy the Heisman 

“I won’t take pride in it.  We wanted to go out and win the game.  One way or another, we wanted to destroy his hopes.  But, this award is about an individual who is perceived as the best in college football.  And he beat us and got to the national championship.

“He’s a great quarterback.  He can run and pass.  We mainly wanted to get in his face and have him running for his life.  We wanted him to be uncomfortable back there.  If he’s comfortable, he’ll sit back and pick you apart.  We got after him, got nine sacks and quite a few hurries.  For the most part, we did our job.

On his last-second shenanigans  against Texas

“I went up to the Texas huddle and told them not to be scared, trying to get in the kicker’s head.  Obviously it didn’t phase him.  I was trying to do everything and anything to win that game.

On who he thinks will win the Heismam

“I would assume the running backs are the favorites, considering they played such great games the last two games.  Especially Toby in my eyes.  He got, what, 200-plus yards in that game and scored the winning touchdown?  I had a chance to watch that game.  It was an amazing game by him.

On what Heisman voters should look at when it comes to linemen

“A guy that definitely has an impact and makes people around him better.  That’s a huge piece of being a lineman, especially on the defensive line.  You have to make people better around you.  Those are the two elements.  You have to make plays and you have to know how to play with who is around you. 

“I don’t think stats always tell the story.  They do help.  Because you have to make big plays when you need it. 

On Toby Gerhart

“He’s one hell of a running back.  I wish I had the opportunity to play against him.  In my opinion, him and Mark are the front runners.

On who would win a head-on collision between himself and Gerhart

“I have to say myself.  I’m a pretty good tackler and a pretty tough guy.  But he’d be hard to bring down.”

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One Response to Heisman Eve with Ndamukong Suh

  1. Lisa McLaughlin April 5, 2010 at 8:24 pm #

    Just curious…What did you give Suh for the interview? It was advertised at a restaurant in Nebraska called “94/95” that 2010 Senior Nebraska Football players would be there this past Saturday night, April 3rd, 2010. $10 cover.Suh showed up, sat in a booth, and honestly, it was not crowded one bit. We asked him for an autograph, along with several others, and he rudely refused, asking, “What are you gonna give me for it?” He was not joking at all…had a smug look on his face. He also refused to sign anything for the few kids who happened to have been eating dinner there that night. As far as I’m concerned, he didn’t EARN ANYTHING from Nebraska, including a higher education. God made sure he wasn’t awarded the Heisman. Good riddance!