Instant Draft Realization

The group of players in this year’s second round might be more impressive than those who got taken in the first round.

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One Response to Instant Draft Realization

  1. CFR April 25, 2010 at 10:55 am #

    The Roethlisberger effect.

    NFL’s clamping down on questionable behavior, so the big money first round picks are going to the safer guys but a lot of guys get scooped up in a hurry in the second round when their price goes down.


    Sort of a Notre Dame effect, too. All the smart college teams scoop up whoever’s best, period, and deal with character concerns later. Those screeching about academics and character thus don’t get the pick of the litter.

    Someone like Baltimore knew they could get a Sergio Kindle in the 2nd round in the current environment. A few years ago he doesn’t make it past the middle of the first round.

    So, everyone puts on their Sunday clothes for the first round but gets back to reality in the second when those signing bonuses drop precipitously.