USC Takes A Hit

As I predicted a while back, USC has been hit hard by the NCAA.  It appears a two-year bowl ban and a substantial loss of scholarships is in order.

Here’s what I wrote back in January, when USC hired Lane Kiffin:

There sits on the desk of the USC general counsel’s office a letter from the NCAA.  In this letter is spelled out the charges that have been made by the NCAA against USC athletics, specifically the football and basketball programs.  Believe it or not, my understanding is that the Reggie Bush part of the probe is not as prominent as the media has been touting (keep in mind the letter has come before the pending deposition).  However, the letter does contain several allegations of violations that by themselves are not that major, but when added together form a solid case for a lack of institutional control on the part of USC.

USC has responded to these charges with a giant, multi-hundred page rebuttal.  In February, another meeting will be held by the NCAA to determine the punishment.

So, with the NCAA on the warpath, USC is about to take a big hit.  No one knows the extent of the penalties just yet, but the penalties are coming for sure.

A lot of USC people chose not to believe this was coming and instead blindly listened to the assurances of Trojan coaches and administrators that everything was going to be fine.  Turns out those coaches and administrators were either really stupid or lying.

And I’m sure hiring a known NCAA scofflaw like Kiffin during a time when the Commitee on Infractions was deliberating on USC’s punishment didn’t help.  As I wrote when he was hired, this was akin to giving the NCAA the middle finger.

Well, USC just got the middle finger back.

Not all is lost for the Trojans.  Kiffin now has his excuse for failing and he will likely be off to the NFL even sooner than he would’ve been before.  Assuming USC hires a legitimate coach to replace Kiffin–granted, no sure bet–it’ll be back on the national stage in no time.  Meanwhile, USC’s overtalented roster can finally be put to some use, as some guys who would otherwise be stuck deep down the depth chart might actually get a chance to play and develop.  Also, the USC athletic department now has a chance do some long-overdue house cleaning.  So there are bright spots.

In the meantime, you won’t be seeing any Heismans out of USC for a while.

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15 Responses to USC Takes A Hit

  1. slippy June 10, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    This is the main reason why I don’t understand the Kiffin hire. Even forgetting the fact he’s accomplished nothing as a coach, he was there when the Bush stuff was going on. I hope the NCAA uses the phrase lack of institutional control.

    In other news, apparently there’s a bylaw that basically opens up recruiting for USC’s jrs and srs.

  2. ChloroxingTheGenePool June 10, 2010 at 12:48 pm #

    A sad, sad day for college football when one of its traditionally elite programs cannot win without repeatedly breaking the rules.

    I am with you on Kiffin, i.e. was a part of the problem, so how can he be a part of the solution? I wonder what type of sanctions USC will suffer if he’s caught cheating, which he will be if scrutinized strongly enough?

  3. AUman76 June 10, 2010 at 3:07 pm #

    Maybe next time the FN assholes that fall in love with the glamour girls of college football will STFU about how great they are. Auburn played a higher rated schedule than either UO (well it is the University of Oklahoma not OU) or USCheat but that was the reason they were left out in the cold. Even with playing a D1AA team we still played a tougher rated schedule and that’s confirmed by the so called experts and their lil ole puters and slide rules. bammer, lsu and the gaytors have proved my point time and time again. Hell even Texas from a vastly overated and now disbanded lil12 beat the condoms in their own house. Seems only my Tigers were judged not worthy to represent the SEC in a BCS Title Game even though they had three 1st round draft picks in the same backfield. What happened in the years before and after 2004 didn’t and don’t have a damned thing to do with that team and that season. Auburn was the best team in 2004 but the rose colored glasses writer look through when covering the Princesses of colleg footballis more than their stupid asses can stand. One more thing….people knew about this crap from day one and chose to ignore it. That includes Sneaky Pete, the University insiders and the press. The writers hated this news cause they can’t cast their usual votes for their west coast prima donnas. Then again most writers see themselves as flawless and always right. I know this is one time I’m sure as hell right and don’t give a F**k what y’all f’er’s think. In 2004 my team was cheated by cheaters and the suck up media. If nuthin else I have the satisfation of sayin I told you so!

  4. PJ June 10, 2010 at 4:07 pm #

    Chris – You were affiliated with USC during part of the Pete Carroll era. Did you witness a ‘lack of institutional control’ while you were there? I’m just curious to see an insider’s perspective.

  5. mfer June 10, 2010 at 6:13 pm #

    What is the status of the five star lineman late recruit for USC that was waiting for the NCAA decision?

  6. AUman76 June 10, 2010 at 8:10 pm #

    PJ, in all due respect do you really think someone directly involved in such an arrogant program would admit guilt? Sneaky Pete pretended to be in schock? Yeah that’s why all of a sudden he bolted to the NFL. The truth is he knew as did others within the program. Folks always know but loose lips sink ships and privileges within an organization. Hell…even I know my own AU team has screwed up far to often and I don’t wanna ever go thru that BS again. I’d rather lose with good kids than win with cheaters and losers in life.
    No disrespect to you but anyone that is nieve enough to believe that people within this or any other program or university didn’t know what was goin on is out of touch with reality. Sure everyone didn’t know but important people alwyas know things we don’t untill they are exposed. That applies to all aspects and professions in life. Some thangs and some people just ain’t what they seem.

  7. PJ June 11, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

    I’m sure many people at USC “knew” about things by hearing it from other people. I’m just wondering if Chris saw anything first hand. I’m not standing up for USC here and I’m not implicating the Heismanpundit…I’m just asking a question.

    For the record, I’ve always believed Auburn got shafted. This just makes it that much worse.

  8. SEChater June 11, 2010 at 3:25 pm #

    I really think this is so much a repremand on Pete Carrol, and his era, but rather at Mike Garrett. Instead of be proactive with the NCAA investigation and being forth coming he was abbrassive and uninterested. I think the best way to describe it is…well being a prick. Garrett offered a sacrifical lamb with the basketball program and the NCAA wanted Mike Garrett to pay the price.
    As for all you Auburn supporters get a clue. I mean you dont see me complaining about Florida avoiding USC on its way to the 08 national title. Or a 2 loss LSU team getting to the national title game after losing in their second to last game and playing terrible in the SEC title game. I love SEC fans because of their delusion. they remind me of the homer NFL fans that call in to sports talk radio and scream about how horrible the coach is while lacking evidence.

  9. Bucknut June 11, 2010 at 6:17 pm #

    Does this mean Seantrel Henderson will be coming to the Buckeyes. Two years without a bowl. Alot of recruits will be heading elsewhere. AUman76. Always a pleasure reading your posts. Couldn’t agree more.

  10. AUman76 June 11, 2010 at 9:59 pm #

    Bucknut. thanks. I know I give your team hell with all the verbal jabs but that’s just mostly BS to stirr the pot. I really do respect what y’all do on a yearly basis. I go back to the Shug and Bear, Woody and Bo era. I’ve seen truely great teams that were well coached and tough as nails. But even I admit the NCAA makes it hard on coaches to get the most out of their players with all the limits on schollies and time with the kids. I also think doin away with athletic dorms were a big mistake. Kids aways got into so scraps but nuthin like nowadays. No of campus supervision is a major problem. Maybe even Bush wouldn’t have screwed up had he been required to stay in an on campus dorm for players.
    I knew the press wouldn’t admit their mistake cause they’re like all power mongers. Never admit you’re wrong! What pisses me off is that a 2 loss LSU did get to play for the BCS Title and an undefeated AU didn’t. The only SEC team with such a record passed over thus far. It’s being denined the opportunity that eat at me and always will. The NCAA just doesn’t get it. Almost all fans want a playoff of at least 8 team and most would like to see 16 teams. What’s one more week and millions of dollars more for the greedy assses in charge?
    The new mega conferences are stupid. The pac1 just cost it’s original members any chance of seeing the Rose Bowl or BCS Title Game anytime soon. No way they can compete with Texas and OU (or as I like to say UO). Hell I bet TT even has it’s way with most pac1 teams. Oh well… their commish wanted a splash he’s got one. Too bad it’s gonna end up being dirty water from a mud puddle on the face of his old teams.
    So far as Henderson…I want em? lol Good luck and hope my Tigers play your nuts for the Crystal Ball.

  11. AUman76 June 11, 2010 at 10:06 pm #

    PJ….I know what you mean and I am thinkin the same thing. I actually beliece Chris know lot’s more than he will ever tell. If he does that will get him black listed and no more inside info. I poked fun at Ol HP and take lots of jabs at him and his west coast lovefeast but all in all I appreciate his site. At least he doesn’t censor this thing. He allows us to put our foot in our mouth as often as we deem necessary. lol Nuthin like a bunch of grown men bitchin, whinin moanin and groanin bout a damned ol football game or two huh? Silly ain’t it? But also funner than hell. Take care PJ. Too bad the idiots in charge can’t get their heads outta their asses long enough to see the light, huh?

  12. AUman76 June 11, 2010 at 10:12 pm #

    SEChater, prick, dick head, asshole or arrogant bastard. All are very fitting descripetions of the entire USC program. Do they field good teams? doubt about it but now we know at what cost. (pardon the pun) Chokelahoma has been overrated since their first title under Stoops. The whole big 12 became a soft conference due to their emphasis on offense. The old big 8 played D first and had good offense to boot.

  13. SEChater June 14, 2010 at 1:28 pm # =Ibr8hcCtCBc

    Dude the last time i checked we were all dicks and pricks at 19-23

  14. AUman76 June 14, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

    not me ….was raised right. No bullshit in my home growin up. No mouthin off at folks without payin the price. I’m 52 and was raised in the South. That means with manners and respect. That’s respect for myself as well as others. So no I wasn’t an offensive asshole when that age. Matter of fact myself and the kids I grew up with were too concerned about makin finding our place in life and the work place to be pissin off folks that might help us. Guess we were raised differently or I maybe listened to my folks advive and guidence and maybe someone else didn’t? Not judgin just sayin.

  15. ChloroxingTheGenePool June 15, 2010 at 1:14 am #

    Bucknut: Seantrel Henderson = Derek Morris, if you know what I mean.