What about Georgia?

There’s some talk out there that Georgia might be on the downswing.  I’m not a huge fan of Mark Richt as a coach (though he seems like a really nice guy), but when I look at the pieces he has in place this fall on offense, I’m quite impressed.

Besides featuring the second-best receiver in the country in A.J. Green, the Bulldogs have uber-talent Orson Charles at tight end (he could end up the best in the country at that spot when it’s all said and done), a veteran offensive line that returns five starters (with 155 career starts), an emerging star in tailback Washaun Ealey (backed by the more-than-capable Caleb King), plus some top-flight young talent on the bench waiting to explode (WR Marlon Brown, WR Rantavious Wooten).

So leaving aside that the defense only returns five starters, why all the question marks?  I guess it’s because Georgia’s success appears to hinge upon the development of redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray.  But I’ve seen tape of the guy and he’s a gamer.  I see him as an Eric Zeier type who’ll end up being a definite upgrade over 2009 starter Joe Cox.  By season’s end he should be one of the better quarterbacks in the SEC.  It doesn’t hurt that the he’ll have some of the best talent in the country to help with his maturation process.

Will the Bulldogs take the SEC title?  Probably not.  But I think 10 wins and an SEC East title is a real possibility, which is why Georgia is one of my surprise teams for 2010.

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23 Responses to What about Georgia?

  1. AUman76 June 29, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

    What about em? 8-4 maybe 9-3 at best. Florida takes the East as usual. Even when Richt has equal talent he can’t beat the Gators. UGA is far from a solid defensive team and is at least a couple years away from being close to winnin anything. Not sure they even win their own state’s top recruits these days.
    Aaron Murray may wind up being better than average but to this date he’s yet to prove anything on the field and will look like a whupped pup with his tail between his legs at times. Yeah…he’ll get better if…..he survives all the hard knocks he’s gonna take behind that line.
    By the way HP, the pac1 Bruins just got whipped by USC again. USCe and baseball but USC none the less. lol That probably put a lil smile on your Trojan face?

  2. HP June 30, 2010 at 2:45 pm #

    So you are saying Murray is going to take a lot of hard knocks behind a veteran line with 155 career starts? That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    I don’t care about college baseball, nor do I take it personally when any team wins or loses.

  3. Roby June 30, 2010 at 10:34 pm #

    155 career STARTS? Is that accurate?

    155/5= 31

    31/3= 10.3

    10.3 starts per year, per player for all 5 players?

    If that is accurate, that is crazy.

  4. Roby June 30, 2010 at 10:48 pm #

    I wasn’t satisfied with that number so I went back and checked.

    Projected 2010 starting offensive line:

    LT Clint Boling (Sr) 13, 12, 11 starts (36)
    LG Cordy Glenn (Jr) 13, 10 starts (23)
    C Ben Jones (Jr) 13, 10 starts (23)
    RG Chris Davis (Sr) 12, 13, 13 starts (38)
    RT Josh Davis (Sr) 6, 3 starts (9)

    129 combined starts

    Nobody else on the current roster has started any games. Regardless, that it mighty impressive to have that kind of experience on one line.

  5. AUman76 June 30, 2010 at 11:00 pm #

    Knocked on his ass? Yeah that’s exactly what I mean. What does poor line play have to do with the number of starts they have? They have been less than stellar the last three season and what makes you think all of a sudden the entire UGA line is gonna become All SEC award winners? Stick to what you know HP…USC and all the weak sisters they play out in your neck of the woods.
    I’ll let you in on a lil secrete….I have a direct insite into the UGA program and he says Murray has potential. But due to lack of experience against top notch defenses and the play of his line hthe youngster is gonna spend a great deal of time runnin for his life or end up layin on his back. Since my realative knows a hell of a lot more about UGA football, I’ll take his word over your guess any day. To be fair and not so snotty if you make the same prediction next season and I’m with you. That’s when Gawja will finally beat Florida and win the East. Till then stay tuned for reruns of seasons gone past. Also agree that King will do well if he stays healthy. The UGA OL is a much better run blocking group than passing OL. As you know King chose the Dawgs over AU but has played sparingly in large part due to some other back with the intials KM. Green is a given but still can’t post huge numbers if Murray is nappin on the green green grass of home. Will he improve over the course of the season? Surely the answer will be yes but not as much as most people believe.
    Cam Newton has the best chance to excell in his first real SEC campaign but even he could turn out to be another overhyped can’t miss star. Time will prove one of us right and the other wrong. Let the suspense begin. lol

  6. Heismanpundit July 1, 2010 at 12:15 am #

    Thanks for letting me in on that secrete…

  7. Heismanpundit July 1, 2010 at 12:16 am #

    Roby, the number 155 starts is according to Phil Steele, who also counts Justin Anderson even though he moved to DL.

  8. Kirk July 1, 2010 at 8:28 am #

    Let me preface this by saying I can’t stand UGA. They have some of the worst fans in college football, and Richt just seems like a total fake.
    That being said, I tend to agree with HP about UGA being better than most expect. First off, you’re smoking crack if you think their line was bad last year. They led the SEC in fewest sacks allowed, 2nd in fewest tackles for loss allowed, and were 6th in yards per rush (which is a big indicator for an O-line). They will have one of the best o-lines in the country this year, which will make things much easier for Murray.

    Unfortunately, I also think their D will be much improved now that they got rid of Martinez. This is a talented unit that just upgraded the coaching.

    That said, I still see the pups losing 3 games – to Florida, Auburn, and GT. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see Arkansas beat them (if it were at Arkansas, I’d call that as a loss). And the Gators win the East…again.

  9. Dawgy July 1, 2010 at 11:33 am #


    Please share your insight into Mark Richt being a fake. I can think of…let’s see absolutely no one without a terrible bias that would agree with you on that. He’s a man of great integrity and, most would rate him in the top 10 nationally as a coach.

    Georgia may indeed lose 3 games but, the odds are very much against 2 of them being Auburn and GT. Georgia and Mark Richt have owned both of those teams. 6-3 vs. Auburn and 8-1 vs. GT.

    Otherwise, you seem fairly well informed.

  10. Jbuck July 1, 2010 at 8:30 pm #

    AUMAN, yeh the line was pretty bad last year, and AU’s was so good. 31-24 ring a bell?

  11. Jbuck July 1, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

    The bad part is I am an Auburn fan, but I also happen to be a realist.

  12. AUman7 July 1, 2010 at 11:03 pm #

    You’re welcome HP. Here’s the deal….be it a redshirt freshman or a true sophomore the kid is about to meet the reality of big time college football. He will make the same mistakes as any young QB. His talent may overcome some of those errors but some made in key situations will kill the team. I’ve seen film on the kid also and he has flashes of potential but that ain’t the same as being under the gun on gameday in the SEC. As I said he will improve if he stays healthy. But those who hesitate are lost. He will do as many kids do early in their careers try to do to much and it’ll back fire at times. Even upper clasmen QB’s are basicly kids trying to learn more about complex offenses. They too screw the pooch (pardon the dawgy pun) on many occasions. His lack of experience will cause him to hold on to the ball too long at times and even the experienced OL he’ll line up behind will falter. They can’t keep DE’s and speed LB’s off him forever. UGA has had many injuries on their OL the past few seasons or so it seems so some of those games played stats my end up a bit skewed.
    So far as Richt owning Auburn? Seems to me we gave away the last two games to what were deems much better UGA teams. But a loss a loss so no if’s here.
    jbuck do you really think UGA beat us or did we self destruct just as we did against bammer and Kentucky? All of those games looked like carbon copies of each other. A nice lead then the offense disappeared in the second half. The defense spend the rest of those games on the field and still managed to give our so called Guru Gus a chance to win with a drive at the end.
    Any way you cut it time will tell right? By the way HP isn’t Caleb KIng injured again or was that just in the spring? I noticed he’s currently on the injury list posted on official UGA site.

  13. AUman76 July 1, 2010 at 11:18 pm #

    Anyone got odds on whether the UGA AD keeps his job after his DUI arrest in Atlanta? Also a lil question as to who the 28 year chick with him is? This from a man that did a promo askin fans to get a driver if they drank at sporting events. Yet another fine role model for our youngins huh? Oh well….he also refused a breath test. Don’t know bout anyone else but I wonder why not cooperate if you weren’t drunk? Only reason not to blow a lil hot air is if you were intoxicated right? Or am I missing somethin here? OH no don’t say he doesn’t have to incriminate himself cause drivin ain’t a right it’s a privilege so different rules apply in a DUI case. A refusial is usually deems a gesture of guild because the suspect is trying to hide his guilt. Nope he didn’t make a mistake like the excuse makers like to say he broke the law. A mistake is turnin right when you should have turned right. He violated the law and should be subject to the same crap the average Joe is but watch him walk and watch UGA not even fire his drunk cheatin ass. He’ll get the same free pass an arrogant Mike Garrett has at USC.

  14. Kirk July 2, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    Regarding Richt being a fake, that is my impression of him having watched him quite a bit. He just strikes me as putting up a major facade. That, and for a fine, upstanding guy, his players sure seem to get in a lot of trouble with minimal consequence (suspended for the 1st cupcake of the season…oooohhh). And while most experts would rank him amongst the top 10 recruiters, when it comes to coaching, you won’t find many experts who would put him in the top 10. Pretty much none, actually. Most consider him an underachiever relative to the talent he’s had. Welcome to reality.

    UGA is unlikely to lose to Auburn and GT because Richt is 6-2, 8-1 against them? Is that the best you have? How about against current coaches? OK, 1-0 with Auburn, 1-1 with GT. Not exactly a sample size worth banking on. Auburn was putting in a completely new offense last year, and now they have Cam Newton to run it. I simply expect Auburn to be one of the big surprise teams this year and finish 2nd to Alabama in the SEC West.
    As for GT, UGA won last season simply because of GT’s abysmal defense (that, and the fact that they knocked Josh Nesbitt out for a series on what some would consider a dirty play and GT promptly turned the ball over). At DC, Al Groh is a tremendous upgrade over Wommack, who was worse than Martinez. UGA has not stopped the GT offense the past 2 years, and now the GT defense is getting a major upgrade. Hence, I think GT beats them. But that will largely hinge on how UGA’s new defense does against GT’s option.

  15. Dawgy July 2, 2010 at 12:33 pm #

    Kirk, well if you “think it” then it must be true? With some of the rational you use Duke could win it all in football this year. Let’s see…Georgia played dirty and beat Tech, Auburn was putting in a new offense in their 9th game of the year, both teams changed DC’s and now they are going to be better, bah, bah, bah.

    I thought we were talking about Mark Richt here not who he was coaching against? 90-27 in the toughest league in the country is O.K. by me and probably most other rational people. What about Georgia upgrading their Defensive coaching staff? Didn’t want to factor that into your analysis?

    Richt’s a fake because “that’s your opinion from watching him”? What on TV, or are you his next door neighbor?

    You must be a Techie and you just haven’t been able to live with all those beat downs?
    Otherwise you’re just plain stupid and you can’t argue with stupid.

  16. Kirk July 2, 2010 at 2:25 pm #

    I guess I shouldn’t have expected much in the way of reading comprehension from a UGA fan.

    1. I never said Richt is fake as a statement of fact. I said he seems fake, which is clearly a statement of opinion. That is my opinion, and I didn’t think it was worth listing details, beyond the fact that his players get in trouble at an alarming rate. Yes, I have met him; no, I don’t know him well. I could well be wrong, but this part of the conversation doesn’t interest me much, and it’s what you seem to want to focus on.

    2. Actually, no, I was talking about UGA’s team, not just Mark Richt. Not sure where you got that from.

    3. I didn’t say Richt is a bad coach. I think he’s good overall. But reading and listening to a lot of impartial “experts” I’ve seen/heard him on overrated lists and underachiever lists (I think one was on this site if I remember correctly). But I think UGA is consistently one of the 5 most talented teams in the country. Relative to that, you could say they’ve underachieved. And I know a lot of UGA fans who would agree with that.

    4. UGA beat GT last year because GT couldn’t stop UGA’s running game; in my opinion, that was largely due to poor coaching and players out of position, although UGA’s O-line did manhandle GT’s D-line. But the game was close enough that Nesbitt’s injury probably was the difference (GT was driving at the time, and subsequently turned it over when Shaw came in…in a game where neither team punted a single time, that’s huge). But there are lot of “what ifs” in every game – realistically, if GT could have stopped UGAs running game even a little, it wouldn’t have mattered.

    5. I did note that the UGA-GT game hinges on how UGA’s new defense defends GTs option, so yes, I factored that in. You might want to read what you’re responding to.

    6. I find this argument very ironic giving that my original post was saying I expect UGA to exceed the “impartial” public’s expectations. But you clearly aren’t interested in making a rational argument, so I’ll leave it at that.

  17. Dawgy July 6, 2010 at 12:32 pm #

    AUman76 said, “He violated the law and should be subject to the same crap the average Joe is but watch him walk and watch UGA not even fire his drunk cheatin ass. He’ll get the same free pass an arrogant Mike Garrett has at USC.”

    Remind me to not make any bets using you as a oddsmaker.

  18. AUman76 July 6, 2010 at 11:23 pm #

    Dawgy…..don’t take any bets! By the way my my mother’s from near by Athens and all my relatives are Dawg fans. Even been to a game or two myself. The college campus I ever visited was UGA as a small child. It was real purty then and remains such. All BS aside what the hell goes thriugh these people’s minds? They are willin to give up all they worked for for so lil. A drink or two and a pair of panties cost the man everything professionally. As that famous fitional bammer once said,”stupid is….stupid does”. Forrest Gump may have been a tad slow but at least he took the time to think about what the results of one’s actions may be. Damn it pains me to admit even a fitional bammer has a clue about anythang decent. lmao Who do you think will get the nod as the new AD? Being a AU man I know we have had close ties between oyr beloved universities thru the ages so I care bout how this turns out. Also for the sake of my misguided family I hope y’all get a new guy in place soon.

  19. Dawgy July 7, 2010 at 5:09 am #

    AUman76, It’s a complete embarassment to UGA and there was no way they could go forward with Evans as AD.

    As to why people do things like this, I can only guess that they have a void in their life that success in its self can not fill?

    BTW, I don’t know about you but, I sure liked those Bama fans better when they were losing. They have become down right obnoxious.

  20. STUDAWG July 7, 2010 at 4:50 pm #

    I have been a rabid dawg fan since infancy, and every year am optimistic about our season. But thru all the recent thumpings that the gators handed us….what stticks in my craw the most is the 2002 season when they were the only team to beat us and they did it with a sub-subpar team. This was the year ohio state beat miami in the national championship game. So tho I am proud to have coach Richt leading our team I admit to having doubts if he can get it done when it counts the very most…. Yet he is without a doubt the best thing to happen to our ball team since Herschel Walker. Just needs that national title baby…

  21. AUman76 July 7, 2010 at 10:52 pm #

    Dawgy welcome to my livin hell! And whatca mean have become obnoxious? They ain’t never been anything but that. We just put a plug in it for six years. lmao bammers feel like USC’s AD, entitled. They are also as delusional. WE beat em 6 in a row they win two and barely outscored a pitiful AU defense to help win a BCS title and they’re back? Hell..bammer is the worse winner since the bcs was created and Igram wasn’t even the best back on his team. Yet he has the same Trophy as Hershel and Bo. (just puked after mentionin his name in the same sentence as theirs)
    Believe it or not some bammers have a lil common sense and will actually talk reality about the sport but not in public. lol In this state bammer get’s most of the band wagon fans who always win but don’t give a hoot n hell about football when the terds lose. It’s actually those type bammers that flap their gums the most. That’s what we refer to as the “mullet nation”. Then there’s lil nicky. AKA: suitcase saban. What a prick that lil piece of chit is.

  22. Anonymous July 11, 2010 at 2:55 pm #

    OMG AUman,are u serious?Did Auburn even have a winning record the year b4 last?NOPE.Barely had one ths past year!Georgia is one of the top 5 teams statistically the past 12 years,I mean come on they beat AU every year.lol


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