Q & A With Ryan Mallett

There’s a bit of an offensive juggernaut building at Arkansas.  The trigger man for that offense is junior quarterback Ryan Mallett, a tall, big-armed Texan who made quite a splash as a 2009 sophomore.

Though he started out at Michigan, Mallett always wanted to play for the Razorbacks.  He got his wish last year following sitting out the 2008 season due to transfer rules.  In his first year starting for the Razorbacks, Mallett threw for 3,624 yards and 30 touchdowns with just seven interceptions.  He set or tied 16 school records and led the nation with 44 completions of 25 yards or more.

It’s no wonder that he’s considered a top candidate to go high in the next NFL draft (should he choose to leave school early).  Not since Joe Ferguson has Arkansas had a talent like this at quarterback.

Big things are expected in 2010, as the Razorbacks return 10 starters in Bobby Petrino’s offense.  Look for Mallett–currently rehabbing from a broken bone in his foot–to have another huge year and be mentioned in the running for the most prestigious award in sports.  We talked to him this week and here’s what transpired:

So how is summer going?  What have you been up to?

I’ve been rehabbing and getting in shape.  The whole team is here getting ready for the season.

You went from Texas high school football to Michigan and then back down to Arkansas.  What was all that like?

It’s been a learning process.  I started out at Michigan and then Coach Carr retired.  Things were really tough in that aspect.  Everyone knows what happened there.  There was a new system and I wasn’t really a fit for it.  So I decided to come back down here.

Describe the difference in what you did under Coach Carr at Michigan and how you do things under Coach Petrino at Arkansas.

Michigan’s offense under Coach Carr was primarily based on power running.  We ran first and then we did play action.  Here with Coach Petrino, we throw it a lot more.  The system starts with the quarterback.  As a quarterback, you want to be in a system where you can take control of the game.  It’s great that Coach Petrino trusts me to do that.

Did it take a while to adjust to the new system?

I don’t feel it took that long to grasp it.  I’ve been a quarterback since I was little.  But I think the year off (due to transfer) helped.

How long have you been a quarterback?

I’ve played the position since the seventh grade.  I would’ve played it in sixth grade, but I was over the weight limit for Pee Wee football and I had to play offensive guard.

Were you always the tall kid?

Yeah.  There are pictures of me in elementary school and I’m always head and shoulders taller than everyone.

How is the offseason going for you and your teammates?  Who do you predict will breakout on the team?

It’s been a lot of fun.  We have a lot of guys here who are working hard to get a lot better.  This is the closest team I’ve ever been on.  There’s a ton of great athletes and leaders.  We’re loaded with guys on the perimeter, from Joe Adams, to Greg Childs, to Jarius Wright.  We are five deep at running back.  It’s hard to say exactly who will break out, since there are so many guys who could.  But we’ve got a lot of big-time games on our schedule.  We’re ready to get to camp and get started.

How does it feel to be mentioned as a Heisman candidate?

It’s great.  It’s an honor to be mentioned with all those other guys.  Individual honors like that are cool, but what I want most is to get wins for the team.

How have the past Heisman winners influenced you?

I remember watching the guys who were up for it in the past, guys like Peyton Manning, though he didn’t win it.  Watching them makes you want to be like those guys.  Seeing them gives you a good grasp of their approach and how they prepare.  I just want to enjoy the whole experience and have fun.

How are you handling all the added media attention?

I don’t like to be talked about that much.  I’d rather talk about stuff like our offensive line.  We’ve got three three-year starters and four overall starters returning.  I’d rather talk about our receivers.  We’re six or seven deep there.  We’re all excited to go out and perform.

What do you have to work on to become the quarterback you want to be?

I’ve got to continue to work harder in the film room and in the weight room to get stronger.  Also, I need to work on my decision-making.  I overthink things sometimes.  Also, I could stand to improve some of the little things in my technique.

You say you want to get stronger…what is your size now?

I’m 6-7 and 238.  That’s about where I want to be.  You definitely take a beating back there in the pocket with all those great players in the SEC.

I first saw you out at the Elite 11 camp back in California a few years back.  Back then, did you ever think you’d be in this position you are right now?

When you’re that young, you always picture this.  But you never know.  I always wanted to be the best since I was in high school.  So, I’m where I always thought I’d be.

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One Response to Q & A With Ryan Mallett

  1. Chris in VA Beach July 17, 2010 at 6:18 am #

    Great interview. Seems like a level headed young man with a good emphasis on teamwork. Very exciting to watch on the field. I would say that he has a great chance to be in New York with the supporting cast and co-stars that surround him. Good Luck Ryan!