Q & A with Colin Kaepernick

Thanks to Adam Nettina of GOMIDS.com and the Utah Statesman for this on-the-spot Q&A with Nevada QB Colin Kaepernick at WAC media day:

You’re being mentioned as a ‘darkhorse’ Heisman candidate. Is the attention something you’ve paid attention to?
No, not really. I think if I play well this season all that kind of stuff will handle itself.
Would you embrace a possible Heisman campaign if the opportunity presents itself later in the season?
Definitely. It’s definitely an award that as a college player you dream about getting. At the same time it’s very difficult to get, and it’s even more difficult to get being from the WAC.
You seem like you never make a mistake on the field. When you watch tape of yourself are there things you see that you need to improve on?
Definitely. Going through game film it’s almost every play. I should have done this a little bit different or I should have done this a little bit better. Doing things like that helps you improve and helps you get better for the next season.
Are we going to see more passing from you this year?
That’s a good question (laughs). I think we’ll throw the ball more, but at the same time our run game has been good, so we’re going to continue with that.
Can this team still have a successful year without beating Boise State and winning the WAC Title?
No. You have to win the conference to get the goals that we’re trying to achieve – to win the WAC championship. You have to go through Boise State. They’ve been the best the last few years. They are someone you have to knock off to be there.
Has your baseball background helped you at all on the field?
I think the only thing my baseball background has helped me out with on the field is my arm strength.
The WAC figures to have some exceptional quarterbacks this year, especially with guys like Kellen Moore at Boise State, Diondre Borel at Utah State, and Nathan Enderle at Idaho. What are your thoughts about the quarterback play in the league?
Those three quarterbacks – I love watching them, except when they play us. They are a big play waiting to happen. They run their offenses great. You can see it in the way they play. They are all very confident in what they do.  I love watching them making plays and leading their teams to win…They all win games for their teams and they all do a great job but it’s all in a very different way. You kind of get something different each week.
There seems to be a surprise team every year in the WAC. Last year it was Idaho. Who do you think it will be this year?
(Louisiana Tech) is always the team that is kind of that wild card. They always have great athletes, and they have (wide receiver Philip) Livas back there. I hate seeing the ball in his hands. He almost took the opening kickoff to the house on us last year. They’re definitely a team that has a lot of speed and a lot of great athletes.

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