Wide Open Heisman Races and 2010

Heading into the season, 2010 is shaping up to be the most wide-open Heisman race I’ve seen since I started this blog back in 2004.

While Terrell Pryor is the front runner, he’s not exactly a slam dunk selection.  There are legitimate cases to be made that five or six other players could be considered front runners as well.

I think it’s going to result in yet another entertaining Heisman race.  The last four preseason favorites have failed to win the trophy, so if that trend continues, you wonder which player is going to emerge from the pack.

Here is a rundown of the preseason Heisman favorites from the past 20 years.  To me, 2003 was the last season that didn’t really have a clear favorite going in and a reconstructed Jason White ended up having a monster season and taking home the trophy.

Preseason Favorite/Actual Winner

2009: Colt McCoy/Mark Ingram

2008: Chris Wells/Sam Bradford

2007: Darren McFadden and John David Booty/Tim Tebow

2006: Brady Quinn/Troy Smith

2005: Reggie Bush/Reggie Bush

2004: Matt Leinart/Matt Leinart

2003: Eli Manning/Jason White

2002: Ken Dorsey/Carson Palmer

2001: Eric Crouch/Eric Crouch

2000: Chris Weinke/Chris Weinke

1999: Ron Dayne/Ron Dayne

1998: Ricky Williams/Ricky Williams

1997: Peyton Manning/Charles Woodson

1996: Danny Weurffel/Danny Weurffel

1995: Lawrence Phillips/Eddie George

1994: Tommy Frazier/Rashaan Salaam

1993: Charlie Ward/Charlie Ward

1992: Gino Toretta/Gino Toretta

1991: Desmond Howard/Desmond Howard

1990: Rocket Ismail/Ty Detmer

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2 Responses to Wide Open Heisman Races and 2010

  1. CloroxingTheGenePool August 3, 2010 at 5:50 am #

    Tressell limited Pryor’s passing down the stretch last year, instead trying to rely upon his running or that of the running backs, Saine and Herron. Against Oregon, his most key and memorable pass was a lob to a tightend that would have gotten picked in the NFL. I don’t think he has turned the corner as a passer and doubt he ever will, ala, Vince Young. I also think his chronic health problems have to make one wonder about his durability and ability to put up individual numbers that will make him stick out and win the Heisman. Honestly, if he weren’t a heralded recruit, playing at Ohio State, his individual performances and statistics would be viewed as rather average. This reality will eventually manifest itself in April 2012.

  2. slippy August 3, 2010 at 8:34 am #

    Clorox – you wouldn’t consider his most key and memorable pass the perfectly thrown back shoulder fade to Posey to cement the win? We must have watched different games.