Heisman Candidate Situational Stats

In a follow up to the stats from CFBStats I posted yesterday, here is a comparative  look at the top four Heisman candidates in the Heismanpundit Poll in various categories:

Sorted Pass Efficiency Ratings

First Half Passing

Ryan Mallett–178.38
Denard Robinson–170.67
Kellen Moore–169.56
Terrelle Pryor–158.92

Second Half Passing

Ryan Mallett–197.27
Terrelle Pryor–150.06
Denard Robinson–147.22
Kellen Moore–136.26

First Quarter

Ryan Mallett–204.69
Kellen Moore–197.33
Denard Robinson–195.07
Terrelle Pryor–174.95

Second Quarter

Denard Robinson–154.04
Ryan Mallett–147.01
Terrelle Pryor–144.90
Kellen Moore–141.77

Third Quarter

Ryan Mallett–173.84
Terrelle Pryor–164.71
Kellen Moore–141.20
Denard Robinson–127.42

Fourth Quarter

Ryan Mallett–233.14
Denard Robinson–162.53
Kellen Moore–128.36
Terrelle Pryor–87.80

First Down

Denard Robinson–205.31
Ryan Mallett–195.76
Kellen Moore–157.82
Terrelle Pryor–138.73

Second Down

Terrelle Pryor–223.56
Kellen Moore–193.27
Ryan Mallett–192.32
Denard Robinson–125.90

Third Down

Ryan Mallett–184.14
Denard Robinson–149.80
Kellen Moore–116.64
Terrelle Pryor–113.62

While the data is based on just three games (two in Moore’s case), I think a few interesting nuggets of data emerge.  Namely, I think it’s remarkable how much Robinson has developed as a passer, as he places first or second in five of the nine categories.  Also, the overall refinement of Mallett is a passer is clear as he does well in each and every category.  I also find it noteworthy that Pryor’s worst showings are on third down and in the fourth quarter.  And it is also surprising that Moore’s efficiency drops so much in the fourth quarter given his comeback drive against Virginia Tech.

We’ll have more comparative stat breakdowns as the season goes on.

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3 Responses to Heisman Candidate Situational Stats

  1. rgdrafting September 23, 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    Kellen Moore’s fourth quarter (and second half) numbers are lower because, not only have they only played two games, he didn’t play at all in the fourth quarter of the Wyoming game.

    Maybe instead of just reciting stats, you could –I don’t know, watch a Boise game. At the very least, read the game recap??

  2. HP September 23, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    Cripes. Everyone is grumpy today. Moore isn’t the only guy who missed some fourth quarters on this list. The numbers are what they are, make of them what you want. My comment about Moore’s 4th quarter vs. VTU is even more valid, as it seemed like he played pretty well and if that was his only 4th quarter then I’m surprised his number is that low.

  3. rgdrafting September 23, 2010 at 7:45 pm #

    Alright, point taken. 😉 As a Boise fan, it’s easy to “jump to their defense” due to the ever-growing number of haters that are quick to bash them!

    Also, as a Boise fan, I will concede that, because of their weak-ish schedule, it can be tough to justify Moore being included in ‘Heisman talk’. But, I also don’t think that he can be out-and-out discounted…at least until someone can prove otherwise.

    And, yes, I am a little grumpy today. Thanks for taking the time to notice tho!