The Year of the Long Gainer

I’m not sure how recent years compare, but so far this season it seems like there’s been an avalanche of big plays.  Every time I look up, there goes Denard Robinson or Taylor Martinez breaking a long run.  Luckily, the folks at are keeping track.

Teams with plays of 50 yards or more in 2010

1. Nebraska, 10

2. Oregon, 9

3. Michigan, 8

4. Baylor, Maryland, Mississippi, Mississippi State, SDSU, 7

Ten runners are averaging over 8 yards per carry, led by Nebraska’s Taylor Martinez at an absurd 10.84.

There are 15 receivers averaging 19 yards per catch or better, led by Jheranie Boyd of North Carolina at 24.75.

Either defenses are deteriorating, offenses are getting more explosive, or there are more players than ever with the ability to take it to the house.

I think all three could be the case.

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One Response to The Year of the Long Gainer

  1. Donald Reese October 13, 2010 at 10:24 am #

    Ohio States’ defense would stop Oregon dead in its tracks, leaving the Ducks defense on the field all day trying to stop a Buckeye offense that can score. Buckeyes 42 Ducks 21.