Upcoming Heisman Coverage

Just a heads up, I’ll be in New York City next week to bring you exclusive coverage of the events surrounding the Heisman Trophy presentation.

We will bring you live streaming video covering the various pre-and-post-ceremony press conferences, along with interviews with Heisman voters and renowned media figures, as well as reaction from assembled experts and fans.  At least that is the plan, techonology willing.

And, of course, I’ll have my usual analysis of the voting and how the regions stacked up.  And I’ll be tweeting during the actual ceremony itself. 

All in all, a busy week on tap.  Hope you can stop by to check it out.

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One Response to Upcoming Heisman Coverage

  1. AUman76 December 2, 2010 at 9:39 pm #

    Hey HP? If he shows up…I’ll give you a hundred bucks to knock Thayer Evans on his ass.(smug lil grin)I’m sure the Auburn Family will be more than happy to match my offer. Especially since we didn’t pay Cam or his old man one red cent much less $180,000 to play at AU. lmao I don’t care what it is, even if just tiddley winks, winnig is fun huh? Just messin with you HP. Have a good trip and get home safe.