Will Newton Win in a Landslide?

Under normal circumstances, I believe he would.

But the big X factor in the vote is how many voters will leave him off their ballots due to the pay-for-play controversy.

My projection is that 15 to 20 percent of voters will leave him off.  If that projection turns out to be correct, then his win will be comfortable and more akin to Barry Sanders’ margin than Troy Smith’s.  A big win, but no landslide.

If hardly any voters leave him off, however, we’re looking at a Heisman blowout on the order of O.J. Simpson’s or Tony Dorsett’s

Whatever the case, I think Newton’s point total will surpass the combined total of the three players behind him.

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One Response to Will Newton Win in a Landslide?

  1. Kari Chisholm December 6, 2010 at 2:37 pm #

    Reggie Bush, of course, had the biggest landslide Heisman win of all time.

    Note that you have to look at percentage of vote, not raw points — since the number of voters has swung from 500 to 1200 to the present-day number of roughly 925, give or take.

    Even if Cam got 100% of the first-place votes, he’d have fewer points than OJ Simpson – since there were 1200 voters that year.