Vote Breakdown

Number of ballots received and tabulated: 886 of 926

Number of ballots not including Cam Newton: 105 (7.4%)

Total players receiving votes: 47

Newton was named first on 78.7% of the possible Heisman ballots

Newton had the fewest 2nd place votes (24) of any Heisman winner in modern history.

Breakdown by Region:

Far West: 1. Newton (347) 2. Luck (198) 3. James (156)

Southwest: 1. Newton (384) 2. Luck (176) 3. James (158)

South: 1. Newton (418) 2. Luck (158) 3. James (152)

Midwest: 1. Newton (356) 2. Luck (192) 3. James (145)

Northeast: 1. Newton (379) 2. Luck (168) 3. James (162)

Mid-Atlantic: 1. Newton (379) 2. Luck (187) 3. James (143)

First place votes: Newton, 729; Luck, 78; James, 22; Moore, 40; Blackmon, 1; Robinson, 6; Dalton, 4; Marecic, 3

Newton got 729 first-place votes out of a possible 926, the third-highest percentage ever behind Troy Smith and Charlie Ward.

Newton’s 729 first-place votes were the fourth most in Heisman history.

Newton’s 2,264 points are the sixth most in Heisman history.

His 1,184-point margin of victory was the 11th greatest in Heisman history.

17 ballots were received in the first week of voting, with Luck leading that group and Moore second.

164 ballots were received in the second week of voting, with Newton leading that group.

705 ballots were received in the final week, with Newton leading.

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