Picking the (Rest of the) Bowl Games

I finished the regular season 66-70-4 against the spread.  I almost forgot to do my bowl game picks, so I will do most of the remainders and hope to top .500 on the season.

Air Force (-2.5) vs. Georgia Tech–Tech misses Josh Nesbitt bad.  Falcons eke one out.

Air Force 24, GTU 21

West Virginia (-2.5) vs. NC State–The Wolfpack won’t be able to stop Geno Smith, while the Mountaineer defense will clamp down on Russell Wilson.

West Virginia 27, NC State 20

Missouri (-2.5) vs. Iowa–The Hawkeyes stumble to the gate as Blaine Gabbert plays well and the Tiger defense stifles Ricky Stanzi.

Missouri 28, Iowa 17

Maryland (-7.5) vs. East Carolina–The Terrapins rally behind Friedgin and win this one easily.

Maryland 31, East Carolina 14

Baylor (-1.5) vs. Illinois–This one should be a shootout, with Art Briles’ coaching–and Robert Griffin–being the difference in the end.

Baylor 42, Illinois 35

Oklahoma State (-5) vs. Arizona–Too much firepower for Arizona to slow down, but the Wildcats will keep this one close.

Oklahoma State 38, Arizona 31

Kansas State (+1) vs. Syracuse–Syracuse hasn’t seen a back like Daniel Thomas, who should pound the Orange for big yardage.

Kansas State 27, Syracuse 23

Tennessee (+1.5) vs. North Carolina–Tyler Bray continues his hot streak against a North Carolina defense with one foot in the NFL.

Tennessee 28, North Carolina 24

Nebraska (-14) vs. Washington–This second go-around won’t go any better for Washington.  Taylor Martinez will shake off the rust and put in another fine game.

Nebraska 35, Washington 14

Notre Dame (+3) vs. Miami–This should be an ugly game with the Irish squeaking it out behind the exploits of Michael Floyd.

Notre Dame 20, Miami 17

Georgia (-6.5) vs. UCF–Aaron Murray caps the best season ever by a freshman SEC quarterback and the Bulldogs win this one easily.

Georgia 38, UCF 17

South Carolina (-3) vs. Florida State–The Seminoles aren’t quite ready for prime time.  The Gamecocks look to a big 2011 with a solid win here.

South Carolina 28, Florida State 16

Penn State (+7) vs. Florida–The Nittany Lions take advantage of numerous Florida turnovers to squeak out the win for JoPa.

Penn State 21, Florida 20

Michigan State (+10) vs. Alabama–The Tide weren’t looking to be in this bowl.  Michigan State is hungry to prove it belongs.  The Tide sleepwalk a bit, but pull it out.

Alabama 24, Michigan State 17

Michigan (+4.5) vs. Mississippi State–Denard Robinson should have fresh legs and an unbruised body, which means he’ll be in full force against the Bulldogs.  I like for the outright win for the Wolverines.

Michigan 34, Mississippi State 31

TCU (-3) vs. Wisconsin–If any team can slow down the ground game of Wisconsin, it is TCU.  I like for the Horned Frogs to stifle the Badgers and grind out an impressive win.

TCU 23, Wisconsin 14

Oklahoma (-17) vs. UConn–The most unanticipated bowl game of the season should prove to be no contest.  OU flexes its muscles early and often and wins going away.

Oklahoma 45, UConn 21

Stanford (-3.5) vs. Virginia Tech–Stanford, the best one-loss team, goes against the best two-loss team in Va. Tech.  The Hokie will have no answer for Andrew Luck.

Stanford 38, Virginia Tech 24

Arkansas (+3) vs. Ohio State–I liked the Hogs even before the NCAA issues with OSU.  The Buckeyes should be even more distracted now.

Arkansas 31, Ohio State 27

Oregon (+3) vs. Auburn–This game should be really fun to watch.  It wouldn’t surprise me if either team won.  I think the Oregon corners on the Auburn receivers is the key matchup.  If Oregon can get Newton off-kilter in the passing game, it should win.  Oregon just has too many weapons for Auburn to attend to, while Oregon mainly has to attend to Newton–no small feat!   Oregon edges Auburn in a classic offensive battle.

Oregon 42, Auburn 37

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12 Responses to Picking the (Rest of the) Bowl Games

  1. AUman76 December 24, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    WTF? Damn HP…I thought you wanted to finish above .500 on the season?

    Tech will wreck the fly boys and bring em back down to earth. 34-21

    Illinois will out score Baylor who can bearly compete with decent athlets. 34-24

    Miami will edge the domers 27-24

    Gators will send the urvain cryer out in style as the offense makes a rare appearence this season. The Gaytors trim the Lion’s main 35-17.

    Sparty is in BIG TROUBLE MISTER. bammer rolls 38-20.

    You honestly picked UM? Wow no wonder your record in below .500. MSUs 31-MSUn 16.

    TCU? OMG HP…they are a joke so why all the media love for underdog? You do know underdog was a cartoon and not real? Wisky 48-TCU 17.

    Sooners will hang 70 on UConn if they want to.

    VT will show you just how pitiful the pac1 is and far off the mark Sagarin’s SOS rankings are for the pac. He’s as FN biased as you are.
    VT-29 TreeU-21

    You got the Arky duhOSU winner right but it ain’t a gonna be close! Meech-i-gan may not be able to compete with the Bucknuts these days but on this day the Hogs will lay a woodshed whuppin on dem nuts. UA-49 Bucky 24.

    HP? Do you work for Disney? You must cause you’re frickin goofey. “Oregon just has too many weapons for Auburn to attend to, while Oregon mainly has to attend to Newton- no small feat” That is the funniest and most uneducated statement since the last thing thayer evans wrote, whatever his latest BS opinion was.
    Auburn is not a one man team! Our OL along with Wisconsin’s are the top two in the nation. Maybe you didn’t notice but Dyer broke Bo’s freshman rushing record at Auburn and he was eased into the games not force feed like Lattimore at SC. Take a peak at our WR’s…Adams drawfed the All American, Alshon Jeffery in the SECCG with over 200 yards….in the first have alone. O’Mac lite up defenses with his speed all season plus had a 99 yard KO return. He can match anything James does for the ducks. If Fannin hangs on the the ball he is a top notch back. size, speed and good hands out of the backfield. Oh yeah he’s a great blocker as is Eric Smith who also has sticky fingers. The rest of our WR’s can start anywhere. T-Zack, Benton and Blake are burners with good hands and get separation on all routes. Kodi Burns is a leader who will sacrifice his body to spring a runner on the edge. Lutz at TE is a beast with the best hands of any TE in the nation. Early on he was under used as a receiver but that’s been changing.
    What oregon really needs to worry about is what the Tiger defense is gonna do to their running game, shut it down! That’s right they will shut the quack attack up tight as a drum. Maybe it’ll work on you and other media types also. Our DB’s are not the problem is was Roofs soft coverage but that changed in the last six quarters played. They now get in your face at the line and will knock your head off over the middle. Crossing routes ain’t gonna be popular by games end. Some duck wings are gonna get clipped and seem shorter on middle tosses. Your QB can run but can’t hide. Yeah, your pac1 QB, cause we all know who you are rootin for. We’ve faced far better QB’s, WR’s and RB’s than Oregon has to offer. Our DL will make those sissy uni’s appear very fitting. As Elmer Fudd likes to say,”a hunting we wil go…a hunting we will go.. high ho a merry o a hunting we will go….shisssss…I smell a duck….quack quack, click click, BOOM BOOM…….(funy lil Elmer laugh) hahahahahaha. Diner is served!
    Let me put it to you this way, with or without Cam…Auburn will beat the livin hell outta oregon. Trotter is a fine QB as is Caudle and we have another if needed. All four have a clear understanding of how to drive Gus’s Bus. All would be use in a manner that plays to their personal strenghts.
    Other than that HO HO HO Kriss. Ooops…Chris.

  2. ty December 26, 2010 at 8:52 pm #

    wow — you’re all-American offensive line units and Wisconsin isn’t up there? how

  3. Hank Archer December 29, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    Not too hot on the Big Ten?

    Your Predictions
    Iowa Lose
    Illinois Lose
    Michigan State Lose
    Michigan Win
    Wisconsin Lose
    Ohio State Lose


    Not exactly working out that way so far. Is Dennard Robinson the Big Ten’s only good player?

  4. Bucknut December 29, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

    HP you’re such a homer. Oregon over Auburn. If Oregon couldn’t contain Pryor last year what makes you think they will be able to stop Newton? Not a whole different team on defense then they were last year. Yeah Iowa won in a thriller, and it’s 16-0 Illinois over Baylor at halftime. I guarantee it’ll be a helluva game between Northwestern and Tx Tech also. No way does TCU beat Wisconsin. They have the best o-line in the country. And they will smack around TCU’s d-line like rag dolls. Think Bucks win a close one since it’s probably gonna the last time they play (with the exception of Posey right now.) Mallett will get pressure. Which should turn into turnovers. In the end the Big 10 is representing itself a helluva lot better than year’s past bowl games. SEC vs Big 10 bowl games should be very cool to watch. Best matchups.

  5. Hank Archer December 30, 2010 at 10:35 am #

    Not sure what you mean about Big 10 not representing itself well in past bowl games. In the 2009-2010 Bowl season, the Big 10 did very well. Seven Big Ten teams received Bowl bids — the results, four wins, one one-point loss, one three-point OT loss and one 10 point loss in a game that the Big 10 team was leading with 8:06 to play. Pretty impressive, probably the best conference bowl record of the year.

  6. Bucknut December 31, 2010 at 10:49 am #

    Hank. Wasn’t talking bout last year. Used the phrase “year’s past.”, meaning over the years. Because two years ago we went 1-6 in bowl games and 3-4 the year before.

  7. Hank Archer January 2, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Never mind!

  8. AUman76 January 4, 2011 at 10:40 pm #

    congrats Bucky, Arky self destructed just like against bammer. By far the worst I saw the hogs offense play all season and still had a chance to win. Why the kid didn’t pick up the blocked punt I’ll never know. They just don’t think anymore. Then Mallet reverts back to his UM days. This loss may get Arky’s ass kicked out of the SEC. I hear the big12 is short a couple of teams. lol
    All BS aside congrats Bucknut. I know how it feels to get a big ol monkey off your back. My Tigers lost 9 in a row to bammer from 73 till my near suicide in 81. But I survived and so have you. lol

  9. Bucknut January 4, 2011 at 11:18 pm #

    Yeah I don’t have any fingernails left after that game. Horrible showing for the Big Ten on New Year’s Day but finally getting the SEC monkey off the Buckeye’s back feels good. And I can remember back in the 90’s when Michigan kicked our ass pretty much every year with 2-10-1 Cooper. What did you think about that safety? I would have surely blown the whistle with forward progress. Thought there were bad calls on both sides. Yeah I think Mallett bleeds a little Maize and Blue so it was kinda personal with him. DJ Williams is a helluva player for Arky. Can’t wait till the NC game. I think your prayers will be answered with Auburn. Don’t think Oregon will contain Cam, so it should be a field day, but should make for a great game. God Bless my friend and Go Bucks!!!

  10. AUman76 January 4, 2011 at 11:56 pm #

    Think it was a bad call. He was pushed back and should have been spotted around the two. Can believe how bad refs are these days and that’s with replay. Neither team was really sharp but Arky’s play callin was a mystery. Not complaining about the loss just expected more crisp play. I’m a tad concerned about big10 refs in our game. They seem to toss flags too often but also sometimes ignore all calls. Hard to figure out how they will call a game.
    I believe Auburn will steam roll dem duckers but as we’ve seen anything can and does happen after long layoffs. Something has to be done about the time span before the NCG and season’s end. Playoff time in here and no need to delay it. We can keep the bowls and still have a 16 team playoff. Win or go home or to a bowl. It works for every team sport but D1 football. Take it easy and I appreciate the best wishes Bucknut. I’ve been dreaming of AU winnin it all for as long as I can remember. Now I’m an old fart of 53. Ironicly I was born the year,1957, we last won the title which you know was shared with y’all. Not sure if I was good luck or bad luck. lol
    I’ll let you in on a lil secret… Auburn didn’t pay Cam nor did it offer his dad anything but a chance to play QB at Auburn. I know how bad it looks but the media is wrong. Cecil Newton did try to make a deal with the devils at Miss St but somethin when askew. Either he or the State coaches and alum got cold feet. Notice I said AU didn’t do wrong. I was told by someone that usually knows his chit…Cam didn’t participate in his dad’s scheme. All anyone can do is wait and see what transpires down the road. But truth is so long as Cam keeps quiet nuthin will ever be proved. I do seea need to change the wording and application of several ncaa rules. The problem with this aricle is that if changed it will out all athletes in danger of being blackmailed or lid on to get em disqualified. It’s a slippery slope that currently is slanted to protect the kid first and foremost. Too many if’s, and’s or but’s in the rule book and they need to be cleared up NOW!

  11. AUman76 January 5, 2011 at 12:00 am #

    lol I can’t type or spell anymore.

  12. Hank Archer January 5, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    FWIW – all Big 10 teams whose name starts with a vowel won, all whose name starts with a consonant lost.

    This from my brother: The Big Ten is 12-13 vs. the SEC in bowl games over the last nine years. Almost all of those games were played in the SEC region and I think seven of the games were played in the SEC team’s home state. So you could consider almost all of these “home” games for the SEC and yet the Big Ten is still at about .500