Heisman’s Most Powerful Positions

If you want to win the Heisman Trophy, it not only helps to play for a select group of schools, but also to play a particular position for a certain school.  The Heisman selection process is inextricably linked with its tradition and, therefore, some positions tend to capture the imagination of Heisman voters more than any other. Here are the current top 10 positions when it comes to the Heisman.  Play at one of these spots and you’ve got a built-in advantage:

1. USC Tailback — Five winners, plus three runner up finishes.  It is clear that Heisman voters love Trojan tailbacks, who’ve tended to win their trophies in inimitable fashion.  And, oh, what drama later on!

2. Notre Dame Quarterback — Four winners and two runners up.  Quarterbacking the Fighting Irish to glory still holds a lot of weight when it comes to the Heisman vote.

3. Ohio State Running Back — Four winners, five Heismans, two runners up.  Three yards and a cloud of dust personified.

4. Oklahoma Running Back — Three winners, three runners up.  Wishbone or no wishbone, OU backs have an edge on most of the competition.

5. Florida Quarterback — The newest elite position with three winners–each with his own unique style–and one runner up.

6. Florida State Quarterback — Two winners and a runner up, this was until recently one of the glamor positions in college football and the key to the great Seminole run under Bobby Bowden.

7. Miami Quarterback — Two winners and a third-place finish.   Since 1986, being a Hurricane quarterback has meant being an automatic Heisman candidate.

8. (tie) USC and Oklahoma Quarterback — Two winners for each school in the past decade, with both adding a runner up.  No longer is either school known for just its tailbacks.

9. Texas Running Back –– Two winners gives the Texas tailback spot a special place deep in the heart of Heisman voters.

10. BYU Quarterback — Just one winner, but five top three finishes and a slew of NCAA records over the years gives the Cougar signal caller quite a bit of Heisman cache.

Honorable Mention: Georgia Tailback; Nebraska Running Back; Wisconsin Running Back; Stanford Quarterback; Notre Dame Wide Receiver; Auburn Quarterback; Army Running Back

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