Reggie Bush Should Keep His Heisman Trophy and Everyone Else Should Move On

So the word now is that Reggie Bush still hasn’t returned the statue that was presented to him in 2005 for being the most outstanding player in college football.

To which I say:  Who cares?

I’ve never been a proponent of revising history and I’ve written before that the actions taken with regards to Bush will merely serve to open up an unruly can of worms, since most elite college football players are in constant violation of one NCAA rule or another.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at the headlines from the past couple years.

Anyway, Bush has been stripped of his honor, his name removed from the record books, he is banned from associating with USC and he is basically persona non grata in college football.

Is that not punishment enough for doing something that, while against the NCAA rules, falls well short of being immoral?

Are we not feeding the monster that is the NCAA rule book by constantly harping on such transgressions?  We see it happening at Ohio State, too, where a bunch of guys traded jerseys for tattoos….the horror!

Yes, these are violations of NCAA rules.  No, it does not make them horrible human beings.

In the end, Reggie Bush won his trophy on the field.  He’s since been exposed as an NCAA violator and, as a result, he is no longer the Heisman winner from 2005.

I think having his bronze statue with his name on it at a museum makes more sense than returning it to the Heisman Trust so it can be boxed up and hidden from view.

Move on.  Better yet, let’s talk about the very real greed and corruption of the NCAA for once.

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3 Responses to Reggie Bush Should Keep His Heisman Trophy and Everyone Else Should Move On

  1. Michael J. Davidson July 1, 2011 at 8:48 pm #


    Great Article. I totally agree.

    I do think you were a bit kind to the NCAA. I think guys like Paul Dee are simply bad news. To think that a humanoid such as he, one who was the leader of an athletic department that was proven to be crooked could be in a position to “make up” penalties that he thought were about right, says it all.

    I hope the NCAA burns in hell. At the very least, I am pulling for anyone who sues them and the fact that one of their own is being sued personally seems like a step in the right direction. I also hope that the NCAA actually loses its tax fee status.

    It is clearly time for the NCAA to go away and be replaced with a more relevant, updated governing board. The idea that big, powerful schools are placed on an equal footing with the Universities of Nowhere from an athletic standpoint is simply unrealistic. And make no mistake, when it comes to this topic, all I care about is the athletic issue. The Harvey Mudd, Cal Tech and Rhodes Colleges of the world are very important and quite productive. But, they are irrelevant when it comes to major college sports.

    I simply HATE the NCAA. MJDavidson

  2. Brian Grummell July 1, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    The Heisman Trust should have left this one alone. They look foolish jumping into the Bush situation after keeping silent on allegations against Charles Woodson’s eligibility especially when USC in its appeal disputed certain central facts the NCAA accepted without ironclad evidence. That was just too messy of an effort from the NCAA to trust the NCAA’s word on.

  3. Larry Brown July 1, 2011 at 9:42 pm #

    This argument is quite fair, the problem is Bush screwed up by issuing a statement saying he was going to return the trophy. If he wasn’t planning to do so, he should have either kept quiet or explained why he was keeping it. But saying he was going to return and then not following up causes another issue.