What Does Kellen Moore Have To Do To Win The 2011 Heisman?

As the season gets closer, we’re taking an in-depth look at each of the top candidates and asking: What does that player have to do to win the Heisman?

A couple weeks ago, we looked at Andrew Luck.  Last week, it was LaMichael James.

Now, let’s talk about Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore.

He’s one of three Heisman finalists returning this season.  He finished fourth in the race last year, while picking up 635 points in the balloting.  It was the highest finish ever for a Boise State player.

As a result, he’s got some strengths heading into this race:

–He’s not only the top player on what could be a top 10 team, he’s the greatest player in the history of a program that has 114 wins in its last 10 seasons.

–Being a finalist last year gives him a lot of credibility with Heisman voters and his name will be associated with the Heisman process for the second year in a row.  So he has very good name recognition.

–He has incredible career numbers, with 99 TD passes and just 19 interceptions so far, to go along with 10,883 passing yards and a lifetime efficiency rating of 166.  With a good season, he’ll have more touchdown passes than any quarterback in NCAA history (though he might be surpassed by Case Keenum) and join Timmy Chang as the only player to produce four 3,000-yard passing seasons.

–He’s 38-2 as a starter and, with eight more wins, he’ll pass Colt McCoy to become the winningest quarterback in NCAA history.

–His team has moved to the Mountain West Conference, where it will get a bit more exposure while giving him a crack at beating high-profile TCU.  The season opener against Georgia also provides an opportunity to make some noise in the race.

–He plays in an offense that will produce big numbers for his resume.

–He’s a likeable guy and, given his physical limitations, is seen as a gutty overachiever.

So what does Moore have to do?

1. He needs to lead the Broncos to an undefeated season and look impressive in wins over Georgia and TCU.

2. He needs to have a season that is statistically comparable–but preferably superior–to his last two, placing among the nation’s leaders in passing efficiency, touchdowns and completion percentage.

3. Hope that Stanford and Oregon disappoint and that no one from a traditional power emerges as an elite player.

It’s a tall task, that’s for sure.  Is it a shame that such a remarkable player probably won’t get his due in the Heisman process?  Definitely.  However, thanks to his pioneering career, future Boise State Broncos will have a much easier time of it.   It’s no small accomplishment to do the things he’s done and very few players in college football history have been honored as Heisman finalists.

When it’s all said and done, he’s probably a good bet to make it back to New York, but a long shot to win the Heisman.

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5 Responses to What Does Kellen Moore Have To Do To Win The 2011 Heisman?

  1. Lyle Heston August 2, 2011 at 4:47 pm #

    Coach Peterson will not allow one player to overachieve on his team. Once the score and defense are in control, then coach will pull his strength and run in the backup players to give them time and experience for next year.
    Kellen will get his thirty-eight touch down pitches, ending up with 137 or better lifetime. He has a great attitude and work ethic, but coach Pete has other players on the team that he is tutoring. Kellen Moore is a strong steady player, and leads from the huddle. Kellen is not a Cam Newton, a one man team striving for all the attention. Let the other ‘Jim Dandies’ come along with all the hoopla and school publicity-whoever gets the Heisman will earn the trophy without resting on last years laurels.

  2. AUman76 September 1, 2011 at 10:53 pm #

    Lyle, you don’t know jack about Cam nor Auburn. He was far from a one man team.
    He was the QB and leader just as is Moore. His team followed his lead and gave their
    all to succeed. Cam wouldn’t have won anything without his team’s support! Maybe you
    missed the BCS Title game but Cam was far from great that night. A freshman RB named
    Dyer stole the show and was MVP. Moore is just an average QB in an awful conference.
    UGA isn’t the class act of the SEC but will take care of business againt your blue smurfs.
    Once BSU joins a real conference and beats real teams week end and week out then
    get back with me about how good they are. Anyone can get lucky once a year against a
    good team and that’s all BSU has ever done. They walk through a cupcake schedule then
    put all their effort into their bowl game against the only true test they have. Try gettin beat up
    in the SEC for 8 games then the SEC Championship Game and let’s see how the Broncos fair?
    Till then you’re a second rate team with some ugly assed blue turf to draw the type attention that
    seems to disgust you. Best of luck in Atlanta cause BSU is gonna need it!

  3. AUman76 September 1, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

    HP, sounds like he has to get lucky while better players are unlucky or get injured.
    Ain’t gonna happen, Moore is an average QB in an awful conference and you know it!
    Keep dreaming though.

  4. AUman76 September 4, 2011 at 4:22 pm #

    Jawga is awful and Richt just lost his job! He’ll probably last the season but after Flordia
    drags em through the mud in the world’s biggest cocktail party you can stick a fork in em
    cause he’s done at UGA.
    There’s a big difference between the top half and bottom half of the SEC this year and the
    middle of the pac teams are rebuilding.


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