Are You Persa Strong?

I know I am.

Or, at least, I’m about to be…thanks to the 7-lb dumb bells sent to me today by Northwestern sports information.

Why 7 lbs?  Well, that’s the number of Wildcat Dan Persa, last year’s All-Big-Ten quarterback and a 2011 Heisman Trophy candidate.  The picture in this post shows what came in the package.

This might be the most creative Heisman promotion of all time.  It’s definitely the heaviest.

Kudos to Northwestern for getting behind their guy.  If the media wasn’t talking about Persa before, they should be now.

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One Response to Are You Persa Strong?

  1. Chadnudj August 10, 2011 at 10:14 am #

    Keep in mind — Northwestern had guys finish in the top 5 of Heisman voting in 1995 (Darnell Autry) and 2000 (Damien Anderson), and neither was heralded pre-season with a Heisman campaign (or even on Heisman voters’ radar). So a Northwestern Heisman finalist is not unprecedented. As for being on a nationally high-ranked team, Northwestern’s 1995 squad entered the Rose Bowl #3 in the nation.

    Persa’s on the Heisman radar now — an advantage Autry/Anderson did not have. If he produces as he did in 10 games in 2010, stays healthy, and Northwestern (one of the most experienced teams in FBS) surprises/competes for B1G championship….well, it would’t be a shock to see him get Heisman attention/be a finalist at all.