What’s That Line About Imitation, Flattery and Sincerity?

So, I received an email yesterday from a buddy that read like this:

Saw the Sports Illustrated CFB preview and they have a pullout section called The Heisman Formula: Do you want to know who will win the Heisman? SI has created a six-step formula based on past voting trends and applied it to the 2011 season …”

It included such nuggets as “The winner must be a QB, RB or multidimensional receiver or defender” they modify things a bit with stuff like “the winner must play for a BCS national championship contender” and “the winner must play in a BCS conference.”    But, clearly, they yanked the formula concept from you.

Now, I haven’t seen the printed edition myself just yet and I may be a bit premature or rash in making this judgement (what, me?) and certainly I’m not claiming to be the Winklevai here but…to quote Carl Spackler: How about a little something for the effort?

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One Response to What’s That Line About Imitation, Flattery and Sincerity?

  1. Vince Mullins September 3, 2011 at 8:57 am #

    I got your back on this – just poor journalism not to footnote the source.

    PS -XP for Winklevai reference…